Asking God to Heal

Georgia,  United States

I had an abortion because I knew I didn't love the guy and was a new Christian who had not developed trust.  I had no family support because mother died three years previous and father remarried.  I was scared and had become extremely uncertain of myself and life since had lost my mom when I was nineteen. 

During the procedure, I cried and kept saying please forgive me God, but they totally ignored my emotional state and performed the procedure without regard for how distraught I was during the procedure. 

After the abortion, I definitely felt an emptiness inside and couldn't seem to gain a sense of balance or emotional stability. As time went on, I had a fear of having children believing I would run out on them as I had my aborted child.  When others would look at pictures of babies in utero, I could not.  I felt anxious and distraught whenever abortion was spoken of in church.  My emotional stability just became more and more fragile. I had a nervous breakdown at 28 and after that occurred, it was brought to my attention that the abortion along with some other things in my life needed attention. 

I began going to a Bible study after that but I can't remember what it was called.  I just continued to pray and ask God to heal me.  Also, after the study ended we had a memorial service for our unborn children.  My daughter was named Melissa Dawn. 

Priests for Life