Pretending it didn’t Bother Me

Illinois,  United States

My boyfriend had said he couldn't have babies. He didn't believe I'd get pregnant. When I did, I was thrilled deep inside, but very scared because of my strict parents and upbringing.

My boyfriend and his mother (and others) tried to talk me into not having the baby, even though I wanted it. I was worried about how my mother would react and they played on that saying, "This will kill your poor mother." I wish I hadn't been afraid of my own mother. I wish abortion had NOT been legal!!!I miss my little baby. There will always be an emptiness that only he could have filled.

I felt the people at Planned Parenthood were cold and business-like. I felt such pain during and after the procedure. I was numb inside, though. My 'feelings' stayed numb for quite some time as I pretended that having had an abortion didn't bother me. But the wound would never really heal.

I am blessed to have met a wonderful man who is my husband and is prolife. He's had sisters that have had abortions and he supports them but cannot accept abortion as a choice.

The older I get, the more I miss my child. I do not blame my ex-boyfriend or his mother, I pray for them. I pray for all those innocent babies whose lives were taken and all the mommies that mourn their lost ones. God, I pray for an end to abortion and the culture of death, and God's Kingdom come and His Will to be done everywhere!!!!!! 

Priests for Life