Love Forever

Texas,  United States
The common thread that runs through most these testimonies is that of feelings of shame and total unworthiness to be forgiven and set free from the burden of guilt we carry.
The part of the story that you rarely get to hear is the confession we all make to our children concerning our decision to abort them. 
In many of the post abortion healing programs those who attend are given an opportunity to name their child or children and write to them or about them. This is part of my letter to our son Ben.
Dearest Ben,
….When God said ,”Let there be Benjamin .” a spark of life was placed in my womb with a genetic code that marked you for all eternity as belonging to your Dad and I and Him. 
The cause of your death was my selfishness and sin. Your death was a tragedy for our entire family. You have a sister. Your death caused me to not be able to love her as I should have. She would choose abortion later in life also but God would intervene and spared the life of your niece. 
Your death caused me much depression and an empty isolation in my heart. My self-imposed alienation from you would cause many problems in my ability to show loving feelings.
My son, I will forever regret my decision to thwart God’s plan for us. 
Many times now I miss you but you will forever be a physical, emotional, and spiritual part of who I am. Our eternal destiny, Ben, is entwined by God’s promise. 
Jesus told us that He is the gate. This gate swings easily back and forth if I keep hold of His hand. As long as I hold onto His hand I know that I can hold your hand also. 
Your presence in my life now gives me peace and a sense of mission and completion.
Love forever,

I will continue to be Silent No More until the choice of procuring an abortion is unthinkable for a woman and man and is banned from the face of the earth. 

Priests for Life