A Holocaust

Tennessee,  United States
Thirty three years ago this past February I had an abortion.  My mother had committed suicide several months earlier.  My family was in shock over her suicide.   I was engaged to be married and found out I was pregnant. We had a big wedding planned and I didn’t want to hurt my dad by walking down the aisle pregnant.  I was scared and excited all at the same time about being pregnant.  There were no sonograms, I believed what I was being told,  it was a mass of cells. I bought into the lies that are still being told today.  
I also thought if it is legal then it must be ok…I am a rule follower and if it had not been legal, I would have never considered it.  

 Because I was in my second trimester they said they would have to dialate my cervix and told me I would have some cramping and to come back the next day for the procedure.  The next morning I went to a regular medical facility.  I was put under anesthesia.  I woke up  screaming hysterically that I didn’t want to do it.  I could not be consoled.   God is merciful and it was only over time as I grew closer to Him that He allowed me to see the horror without despairing.  

After the abortion I was depressed and full of sorrow, an emptiness and ache in my heart.  Part of me died with my baby.  

chaos in my life were the next 15 years… 

God has restored me to new life through the mercy of  His Son Jesus Christ, and through the Sacrament of Confession and Mother Mary’s intercession.  

I am here to tell the truth that abortion is the holocaust of our time and our laws need to be changed to reflect true justice for all – that of the unborn and that of the mother.  That is why I am Silent No More!

Priests for Life