Beautiful Gifts

New Jersey,  United States
I was born in Puerto Rico, in a Catholic household where my mother taught me to always respect a woman. Abortion was never a topic of discussion in my house. I always heard of people getting pregnant and what had to be done was for them to get married and that was it. Until it happened to me.

I was 25 when I found out my girlfriend was pregnant. I felt happy, but at the same time I was worried. Although I felt ready, I knew that my girlfriend didn’t want to have a child at the time. I made the wrong decision by asking her what she wanted to do and being silent about what I wanted to do. I never had the strength to say don’t have an abortion… I said, “Whatever you want to do, it’s your decision.”

We prayed about our decision together, but it didn’t come from my heart. Immediately after the abortion I felt horrible. I cried inside but didn’t express it. I judged my girlfriend and I didn’t want to see her or touch her. The only thing I could think about was how selfish she was. I didn’t feel the same love for her. But I always kept quiet, I never said anything. 

Years later, that girlfriend I judged became my wife. Still, something was always missing. Until she told me she wanted us to attend Rachel’s Vineyard. It was the best decision we ever made because we found peace and I could finally accept that God forgave me and that my daughter was with him. 

During one of the exercises they told us to close our eyes and think of our child. For the first time I could see my daughter, Isabella. All that hate I felt for my wife died. God showed me that He forgave me and everything would be okay. Years later I was blessed with the birth of a beautiful girl, Francesca. And it was the most beautiful miracle I ever experienced in my life and my wife is the most beautiful gift God has given me.

Priests for Life