Lily Rose

Pennsylvania,  United States
I was 18 when I had an abortion after my IUD failed...I was single, living
on my own and struggling to make ends meet. I felt terrified,
trapped, and alone because I wasn’t prepared for motherhood and
was told that if I ever got pregnant that I was “on my own”. The
father had been planning to relocate and was not interested in
supporting me either.

During the abortion procedure I experienced ….a lot of pain as I refused
the sedation. I felt I deserved to suffer for what I was about to do. I
cried and asked God for forgiveness as my daughter was violently
taken from my womb. Sadly, this would be the only child I would
ever conceive.

Immediately after my abortion I felt …relief that was quickly replaced by
guilt, shame, sadness, emptiness, deep regret and heartache. I
turned to drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and busyness to try to numb
my pain. My life spiraled into a deep pit.

As time went on after the abortion I experienced ….all consuming fear,
anger, anxiety, paranoia, and self loathing. I battled depression and
thoughts of suicide which I didn’t act on because I thought that
would be the “easy way out” from my pain and that I deserved to
suffer for the rest of my life! I felt like an impostor living a double
life and I was emotionally exhausted. My marriage failed,
relationships suffered and I had lost my life’s purpose. But praise

24 years later I found help and forgiveness through …the Forgiven & Set
Free Bible study, a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat, and a Where Do
Broken Hearts Go? group study where I was consumed by the Holy
Spirit’s healing and transforming power. And I now experience
freedom, peace and joy and delight in knowing that I will one day be
with my daughter, Lily Rose, in heaven. And that’s why I am Silent
No More and I believe abortion should be recalled.
Priests for Life