God’s loving arms

Iowa,  United States
Hi my name is Sheila, and I had an abortion over thirty years ago…I was 16…a victim of rape with a pregnancy resulting…due to some family problems I felt abortion this was the only way out,  I felt the need to protect my family from humiliation and shame.  My abortion was a painful, humiliating experience that left me feeling empty inside… It took a long time for the guilt and shame to surface in my life.  But the years of hiding in darkness did not diminish the grief.

It took an understanding of what abortion really was before the silence was broken. It took standing before God and seeing His broken heart… It was then that the guilt pierced me. .. Abortion not only steals the life of a child…but it also shatters the heart and soul of the woman.  Seven years ago I found healing and forgiveness at a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat…As I continue on my journey toward healing I urge you to remember two things. One, your precious little child is not dead, but is living -- safe in the loving arms of our heavenly Father. And two, if you could hear the voice of your child right now, she would be saying -- in unison with our heavenly Father -- I forgive you. I want you to forgive yourself.  I stand before you today and proudly proclaim I am Silent No More!

Please won't you join me in ending the 40 year holocaust of defenseless killing of the least of our brothers and sisters…the unborn.   

Priests for Life