For Every Mother, there is a Father

Missouri,  United States
My name is Patrick. When I was a young man, I bought into the worldly idea that a man is measured by his sexual activity. Therefore, intimacy with a woman became a conquest for me. Not the God ordained blessing given to a man and woman in the covenant of marriage. The result of that world view is that, by the time I was 21, I had fathered 3 children. And, in every case, paid doctors to end their lives - and I didn’t even realize that it was wrong. 

After all, in a country as great as the US, I grew up believing that what is legal is the same as what is right  And it was so convenient to believe that an unborn child is nothing more than a mass of tissue.   Frankly, I believed those pregnancies weren’t really my responsibility.  After all, it was the woman’s job to keep from getting pregnant, right?  In fact, I felt that I was doing the manly thing to pay for the abortions.
How short I fell from the Biblical calling in Eph 5 for a man to cherish and protect a woman’s purity before the LORD.

That is who I was.  But, by the grace of God lavished upon me in the Lord Jesus Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit in me that is NOT who I am now!
The LORD has shown me that those children were not just the children of those women, those children are my children, and as their father, it was my responsibility to protect them - Not to kill them.  And to protect the mothers of my unborn children from the burden of abortion.  My 3 aborted children were created in the image of God and they are precious to Him - and, by God’s grace, they have become precious to me!

In surveys of post-abortive women, they are often asked what would have influenced them to choose life.  The #1 factor is having a man support her in that decision - especially the father of the baby or her own father. 

Men, my wife, and millions of women like her have born the burden of abortion all alone for far too long.  For every mother of an aborted child, there is also a father. 
That is why, as a man, I will be silent about abortion no more.  I invite the fathers of aborted children to stand along side the mothers of aborted children and answer the call as men and BE SILENT NO MORE.    God bless you all!

Priests for Life