Rescued and Redeemed

Missouri,  United States
I am here today because God has given to me a heart’s desire to love and to serve Him, to seek His will.  But, there was a time when I lived my life in rebellion to God and by the age of nineteen, I had conceived my first child.   Nine weeks later, I had his life ended through abortion.

Out of the sinful condition of my unredemptive heart and a desire to find relief from the paralyzing fear of facing my family with the news that I was pregnant, I had my child’s life ended through abortion.  

The condition of my heart remained unchanged and relief from this fear did not come.  Instead, it was soon overwhelmed by horror of the full realization for what I had done.

Not long after I saw a poster showing actual photographs of babies in the womb at different developmental stages.  There for my eyes to see was a baby, at nine weeks old.  I saw that baby's face and fingers and toes.  That tiny baby was perfectly and completely formed.  That baby was the age of my child when his life was ended.  I then realized I had destroyed the life of a fully human person.  No tears could wash away the utter loss of my child that I felt.

For many years, I had lived with shame, remorse, and despair, yet God did not leave me in that place.  God rescued me, redeemed, and made me His child. 

I cannot bring back the earthly life of my child, but I can now speak rightly about him.

By His grace, God has revealed to me who my child truly is.  He is wonderfully made, created in God’s image.  He is precious in God’s sight, loved perfectly by his Creator.

By His mercy, God restored the mother and child bond, so corrupted by abortion but not destroyed, by reconciling me to my child, who I desperately long to love, honor, and cherish.

By His truth, God has shown to me that my child’s life was never mine to give or to take.  That right is God’s alone.  His life was and always will be in the hand of God.  

By His love, God has made known to me that I am and forever will be my child’s mother.  He is and forever will be my beloved child.  

To God be given all glory, honor, and praise.
Priests for Life