A Blessing

Georgia,  United States
Hello, my name is Alveda and I regret my abortion and I believe that abortion should be recalled.  I was born into a Christian family and a pro-life family in 1950.  It was a secret, but my mother had heard about an organization that could help her not have me.  It was called Planned Parenthood.  She wanted an abortion, but my grandfather told her, don’t do that and that I was a person and that he had seen me in a dream three years before that and I had bright skin and bright red hair and I would grow up to be a blessing.  That was a secret. 

I was in a family of preachers and we were taught to choose Jesus, to love Jesus, that life was sacred and precious.  I got married in 1969 and my daddy walked me down the aisle.  I got pregnant on my honeymoon.  A week later my dad was killed, but I was pregnant and in the midst of our sorrow our family was happy to have new life in our family.  That baby was born and the doctor, I did not know this, was also affiliated with Planned Parenthood.  

Because my daddy had been killed, and the year before my uncle had been killed, I was looking for a male figure to take the place of my dad and my uncle.  My granddaddy was real sad, I couldn’t talk to him.  My mother was very sad and I couldn’t talk to her.  I was pregnant, had the baby, and I went back for my six weeks checkup and everything was fine.  Within three months I went to the doctor and I said, well doctor my body is not back and I don’t have a cycle.  I wasn’t breastfeeding, because he had advised me not to breastfeed.  He said that was old fashioned, don’t do that.  

Instead of him giving me a pregnancy test he said you don’t need another baby, let’s see.  He was affiliated with Planned Parenthood.  The people in the community didn’t know it.  He was a trustee in our church, well respected, a medical doctor, but he decided that I was pregnant, he didn’t tell me, so it was coercion.  In his office he did a local D&C and that was my first abortion.  It was coerced.  Then the advice he gave me was don’t talk to your family, don’t talk to anybody at the church, let me send you to this nice place, Planned Parenthood, they’ll be your best friend.  

Now I’m still young, married, not even talking to my husband, my family, nobody at the church, trusting that.  I get to Planned Parenthood.  I’m post-abortive now, one living child and an aborted baby, which was Phillip, I named Phillip later.  Over the next several months my whole personality changed.  I was crying.  My appetite changed.  I wasn’t feeling well.  I was arguing.  I was secretive.  I couldn’t talk to anybody about my pain.  I realized then something was really wrong.  This went on from 1970 to 1973.  

In 1973 I was a different person now.  All of a sudden a woman has a right to choose what she does with her body.  I was becoming no longer pro-life; I was what was called pro-choice.  I was separated from my husband and we tried to get back together and this time I knew I was pregnant.  I absolutely knew I was pregnant.  I didn’t talk to my family.  I didn’t talk to the church.  I didn’t talk to Jesus.  I talked to Planned Parenthood.  They said you’re having enough problems; you just need to get an abortion.  It doesn’t hurt worse than pulling a tooth.  

I had the second abortion and I always regret that I made that decision.  I chose.  The baby’s daddy didn’t want the baby.  It was coercion, but I was involved.  I remember my insurance paid for it.  If the medical insurance had not paid for it I would not have aborted that baby.  I was in the hospital and I was talking to the people around me and I said something’s wrong, this is not right.  Oh, be quiet, you’ll be okay.  

I woke up and I wasn’t okay.  I felt a sense of emptiness, grief, anger, frustration, and pain.  I really can’t tell you all the things that I was feeling.  There again, though, I couldn’t talk to my granddaddy.  I couldn’t talk to my mama.  I couldn’t talk to my family.  I couldn’t talk to the church.  So Planned Parenthood gave me several kinds of birth control.  All of those made me sick.  I ended up divorced.  

I was drinking, divorced, promiscuous, just everything.  Not going to church, I was just a different woman.  In the mid-1970s I got pregnant while I was being promiscuous, but the baby’s daddy said…  I was going to get an abortion; I just mentioned it to him.  He says no, that’s 46 chromosomes, 23 from me and 23 from you, I want mine back alive.  He said that.  I talked to my granddaddy and he said they’re lying to you; that is not a lump of flesh, that’s my great-grandchild, my grandfather, Martin Luther King, Sr.

Because of the two of them I kept that child.  That was my fifth child, but second living child.  From a little girl I had always said I was going to have six children.  After that I got born again in 1983.  I ended up conceiving altogether and keeping six children, but conceiving nine children.  I had to finally get my complete healing from Rachel’s Vineyard.  I first became solid for myself early in this century and then I went to Rachel’s Vineyard for healing.  

Over those years I came back to my own family values and I continued to tell the truth.  Today I actually am healed at 62 years old.  I have friends who have died from conditions having abortions like I’m telling you, and I’m alive.  Jesus has healed me and I’m very grateful.  This testimony and being with my brothers and sisters today and all of you give me the courage to remain silent no more, healed and blessed in the name of Jesus, and standing to insist that our government recall abortion and that is why I’m silent no more.  Thank you.  
Priests for Life