Women Deserve the Truth

  Deborah Tilden
Oregon,  United States
  Every day in this country, 3,600 women and girls undergo an abortion procedure. Every day, people who say they love us encourage us to undergo a procedure that scars us for life. If you love a woman, a daughter, a friend who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, please don't suggest an abortion to solve her problem. Instead, promise and provide unconditional love and support.
    We must educate the public about the dangers of abortion, both legal and illegal, so that no woman will want an abortion and no truly compassionate, loving person will attempt to recommend, or pressure, or force, or coerce her into having one. We must create a society where women who are being pressured to abort will know they can resist and may find help that is available. Whether you call yourself pro choice or pro life, let us focus on developing support systems that help pregnant women.
    Women deserve real healthy choices. We need to go beyond making abortion rare. We need to make it unnecessary and unthinkable.
    Since Roe v. Wade, we have been the voice that has not been heard in the abortion debate, but we are Silent No More. Now that you have heard the voices of these testimonies, we urge you to spread them to others. These individuals, Lynda, Sandy, and Sandee, had the courage to speak out today. I am honored to stand here with them. Now it is up to us to have the courage to echo their testimonies.
    Women deserve the truth about abortion. Until our sisters are no longer forced to suffer the physical, psychological, and spiritual consequences, we will speak the truth, and we will be silent no more. Thank you for your time. God bless.
Priests for Life