This is not something that can ever be un-done

Mississippi,  United States
  I had two children, ages five and three, was divorced, and my ex-husband was always threatening to take them from me.  When I became accidently pregnant my boyfriend wanted us to have the child and just be engaged. I was afraid I would lose my children and immediately made the decision to abort the child.

 I regretted it before I did it and have regretted it my whole life since. I confessed this sin and have prayed for forgiveness since having the abortion. God has forgiven me, it is I who still have a hard time forgiving myself.  

The boyfriend never married, never had any children to my knowledge. It messed him up. I have blocked out a lot about the clinic.  I remember it was dingy.  No one there tried to counsel me regarding other options, there was no comfort.  It was cold, calculated murder of children and no one cared.  I don't want anyone to think there aren’t other options other than abortion. I wish I could have a "do over".

This is not something that can ever be un-done. So that's why I am silent no more.

Priests for Life