I am so grateful I chose life

Ontario,  Canada
  Last May I was 8 weeks pregnant, alone, scared, and ashamed. My boyfriend wanted me to have an abortion, and I felt like I would make a terrible mom because I had been so irresponsible.

I made an appointment with a clinic in Toronto to terminate my pregnancy the same day the doctor confirmed I was pregnant. The abortion clinic told me it wouldn’t hurt and that I’d be out in 3 hours. They said I’d need someone to pick me up. My friend, Alex, who was supposed to pick me up, didn’t want me to have the abortion. I am still amazed that on the day the abortion was scheduled Alex went to his school, St Theresa Lisieux and found out they were running a pro-life conference. He hadn’t been to school for a week. He sent me a text and told me there was a woman there who regretted her abortion.  Those were the words that made me stop and think about what I was going to do. Thanks to God, St Theresa Lisieux and Silent No More my daughter was born on Dec 9th 2012. She is 5 months old today - almost a year to the day that I first heard those words “I regret my abortion.”

By the grace of God I’ll never have to say them. I love being a mommy and I am so grateful I chose life for my daughter. Thank you
Priests for Life