I finally feel forgiven and set free

Ontario,  Canada
  My name is Dale Barr and I’m from Cornwall, Ontario.

I was 16 when I had my abortion. It’s been 33 years and painful memories are still buried deeply within the recesses of my mind. Scattered pieces, like a huge jigsaw puzzle that need to be connected. However, there is one problem. Many pieces of the puzzle are missing for me. Through counseling, I’ve learned they are most likely psychologically dangerous memories that have been repressed, as an act of self preservation. An intense desire to know the truth impelled me to request a copy of my medical records of the abortion.

According to my records, a panel of four doctors called a "therapeutic abortion committee" offered abortion as a solution to my unplanned pregnancy. They indicated, the continuation of pregnancy would / or would be likely to endanger the life or health of the patient. Ironically, the doctor who did the abortion also performed a physical exam 5 days before the abortion that showed I was a healthy teen with no physical, emotional or psychological problems.

I received a general anesthetic prior to the procedure. The operative report indicated it took only 10 minutes for the doctor to extract my baby from my womb. The doctor’s dictated note stated “the products of conception were removed with the suction curette and a few more with forceps and curette. A good empty feeling was obtained”

Many problems ensued post abortion. I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction to numb the pain. My grades suffered in high school and college. Promiscuity, relationship problems and depression became a way of life. During my marriage, I miscarried 5 babies and studies indicate there is an increased risk of miscarriage in subsequent pregnancies, following induced abortion.

Thanks to some very special people God has placed in my life, I was able to begin my healing journey 10 years ago. They have been instrumental in helping me rekindle my relationship with the Lord and I no longer feel isolated and alone, as I did for many years after the abortion. Because of the Lord’s unfathomable mercy and through healing programs such as Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent No More, I finally feel forgiven and set free.

My name is Dale Barr and I am from Cornwall, Ontario. I am here today because I had an abortion at 16. I regret my abortion and therefore, have decided to be “Silent No More”
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