Why Couldn't my Life Be Fixed?

Ontario,  Canada
  I am Julia from Toronto Canada.

I had an abortion because: it seemed to be the way to handle the situation; everyone around me was single and childless; I had a hardness of heart due to my own childhood trauma – so Abortion was the only avenue I considered and it would be my secret.

The abortion took place in a major hospital, under anaesthetic, with a doctor I trusted.  Everyone, including me, played their part to get it over and done with, like a well-rehearsed play. I even returned to work the next day. But years later, following the birth of my children, I experienced nightmares, insecurity, distrust, anxiety, indecision - I could not manage basic day-to-day living and my life spiraled downward into depression.

For 13 years I went from therapy to therapy, but nothing helped. My marriage failed. Why couldn't the deterioration of my life be fixed?

Finally one day, my denial and my secret were broken. I read the words: "If you are
depressed from having had an abortion, help is available..." My entire body went numb ! Depression = abortion. Abortion = depression. The truth hit me and my body knew it!!! I called the post-abortion support group for help.

I journeyed through a healing process by sharing my secret with other men and women. I learned the most wonderful things: My baby is real! She is with God. I grieved my sin and received forgiveness. And you know what else? I am learning what JOY is and what freedom is!

I regret my abortion. I don't want you or anyone to suffer as I had - so I am silent no more!"

Priests for Life