Baby Saved by a Child

Florida,  United States

Yesterday morning a man and his wife were arguing in the parking lot of  American Family Planning.  The husband was strongly opposed to the abortion the wife was planning to have. Prolifers offered to help the wife with anything she needed. The dramatic scene ended when  the wife went to have the abortion and the husband got into the car with their child and drove away.

He stopped the car when asked  by a prolifer to take a  flyer on abortion to his wife. He said he could not give the flyer to his wife because he could not bring their child into the building and he could not leave their child in the car unattended.  We offered to watch his child while he went in and he agreed.

A few minutes after he went into the abortion facility his wife came flying out and practically ran to get their child. She was furious that her husband had left their child with "strangers."  She told him this in no uncertain words after she had retrieved their child.

Then, to our amazement,  the husband, wife and child all got into the car and drove away.  No abortion took place.

Priests for Life