I could never kill one of God’s children


When I found myself pregnant and alone at 19 years old, I had a choice.  As a Catholic, I knew my choices for premarital sex were wrong, and I can only praise God for reminding me that I needed to choose life not death for my baby.  The  money was on the table in front of me from the man I thought was the father of my baby.  He had no qualms about abortion and made it perfectly clear that he was in no way going to be involved.  On second thought, I think he offered to pay half....

I knew in my heart that I could never kill one of God’s children but I also knew I was in no position to raise a child.  I was determined to have my baby raised by a mother and a father with love and security.  Something I felt little of at 19.  I may not have been the one chosen by God to raise my child, but God chose me to give her life and I took that very serious.  I wisely and prayerfully chose a wonderful family to raise her and now, 26 years later, we are all reunited in love.  I daily praise God for giving me the strength to choose life. As hard as it was to separate from my beautiful daughter, God blessed me with healing, two fabulous boys and an amazing husband.  I know other women who have had abortions and they live everyday as I did....with regret. I pray that they can accept God’s forgiveness, as I have.

Priests for Life