It has been impossible to forget


Thirty six years ago I was an important part of my wife’s decision to have an abortion.  This testimonial is given in the hope it convinces any reader considering a similar action, to choose the option of life.  
We were contrite almost immediately after the fact, and to this day, no amount of confession nor justifications, have dulled the memory of that decision, nor made it less painful.  I remember vividly all the details of the weeks prior and after the act. 
Our faith teaches that once absolution is given the sin is forgiven, and our Lord’s forgiveness is complete.  Even with this knowledge it has been impossible to forget: the effects of that decision have remained with us and it is not different than if we had willfully and for no good reason cut off an arm or a leg.
In His infinite wisdom and love, God gave us more children all now with their own families, all follow the Lord.  The Lord further blessed us with health and work and we remained sheltered, fed, prosperous through good and bad economic times, yet we remember, and neither time nor success in life has allowed us to forget.
I believe I have a little Angel whom I sent to heaven prior to its time and do pray that will intercede for me when I face the Lord, at my time of judgement.
Dear reader of this testimonial, learn by other people’s mistake and choose life no matter what your motives may be. The ultimate choice is yours and none of the family members or doctors that may be advising for an abortion will live with the pain  that action will bring. 

Priests for Life