To Help Others Make Different Choices

Nevada,  United States
  I was sitting in my back yard one morning praying to God and asking for guidance on what ministry that He would have me in. I heard an audible voice that said "ABORTION."  That night I was at a prayer meeting at my church, and the Pastor said he had received a call from a girl who was going to open a crisis pregnancy center. I didn't know what this was, but on the way home, I asked God if that was the door He wanted me to walk through. I asked Him to please confirm it, and the next day I ran into my Pastor and he walked up to me and said "You need to call that girl." Well, I called and spent the next 7 years at the most fabulous pregnancy center, across from the busiest abortion clinic in Las Vegas. I was honored to watch God at work in the center. The women began pouring in and to this day, it hasn't stopped. I was called to counsel thousands of girls (11yrs. old) to women almost 50. My life has been graced in ways I can never explain. I was able to use my abortion to help other make different decisions, by giving them the truth that I never had. Yes, it is MURDER!!!!
It has been an amazing ride at First Choice Pregnancy Center, and the highlight of my life!!!!!!
Girls stumbled in seeking abortions, and ended up with me..SURPRISE!!!!

Priests for Life