Suffering Greatly

California,  United States
  The two abortions were with the same woman which occurred before and during our marriage. In the first abortion, I felt that I had no say in the decision and that the choice was all hers. I drove her to the clinic but waited in the car. I was deeply grieved about the procedure, but agreed that it was the right decision.

The second instance occurred during the 12th year of our marriage and after having three children. My wife had decided to have the abortion without my consent. She approached me as she was leaving for the procedure to inform me of her intent. I pleaded with her to reconsider, but she refused. I felt deeply crushed, and felt that I should have done more to stop her.

Our marriage was in deep turmoil following the abortion. My wife was engaged in numerous affairs afterward. 13 years later, we divorced. Our whole family suffered greatly during these times.

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