They thought that's what was best

England,  United Kingdom
  I had an abortion because I was 13. My mum, her friend, my boyfriend, the nurses, and doctors thought that's what was best.

During the procedure I felt scared. It wasn't fully explained what to expect. I felt uncomfortable, sick, and tired. I wanted to go home and stop it happening.

Immediately after the abortion I felt deep regret. I felt I had nobody to talk to. All I was left was a piece of paper discharging me.

As time went on after the abortion I still felt deep regret. Not a day goes by when I don't think of it. In my head I made an image of what the baby would look like and how he looks as each year passes. I imagined him a boy, just like his daddy.

Although I'll always regret my decision, I do forgive myself, I was so young.
Priests for Life