I Want to Reach Out

Florida,  United States
  Hello.  I am sharing this story because I want to reach out to other people that have been through this experience.  

I was in college when I had my abortion.  I felt like I was not ready for a family. My boyfriend at the time said he would marry me.  I had the abortion in the first month.  We have been married now for 28 years.   

I went to a Rachel's retreat last year.  When I left Planned Parenthood, I went straight to the church for confession.  I went that afternoon.

That priest in my penance told me to help other women.  I have been trying for years to volunteer with Rachel's retreats but keep getting turned down because I am not a professional.

If someone reads this and can help me to volunteer in this area, please let me know.

Rachel's vineyard was a very moving experience.

Priests for Life