It Started to Haunt Me

North Carolina,  United States
  At the time I was a fitness teacher and all of my friends were "feminists" like me.   I was angry with myself for becoming pregnant because I had made a contraception mistake.  I completely bought into the lie that "it was just a bunch of cells".    My boyfriend was on the same page with me and we just wanted to take care of it.    

For years afterward I rarely thought about it.   In my mid 40's, it started to haunt me.   I never did have any children, and deep down I believed I wasn't worthy.    I felt empty and in search of comfort.   Soon I returned to practicing my faith. I confessed my sin but continued to live with deep regret.   Finally, I heard a woman speak about her experience publicly and she helped me find counseling resources.   

I want to help people understand that abortion is not a fix.   I want women to know that this will haunt them forever.   I want those who have experienced this trauma to know that help is available.  My action long ago changed the course of my life and took the life of my child.   I will never know this person who was meant to be.  This loss and the daily loss of thousands of innocent lives is why I am Silent No More!

Priests for Life