Shame and Isolation

Oklahoma,  United States
  I had an abortion in 2010. I had just moved out of state for my work and found out I was pregnant by the guy I had been in a relationship with for only a few months.

We decided together that it was not the right time for us to have a baby, so, at 4 weeks pregnant, I had an abortion using the RU-486 pill. I had to drive to a different state to have the abortion, and I went alone.

While at the clinic I was scared and nervous. I was confident that I wanted an abortion, but no one really tried to help me consider other options. I took the abortion pill at home, alone, and it was the most painful and scary event I have ever experienced.

Immediately after the abortion I felt lost. I felt regret. I felt alone. I broke up with my boyfriend because of it. I just wanted to forget that it ever happened. I didn't want anyone to know. I felt guilty and ashamed.

I didn't know God prior to the abortion. In the end I discovered God and became a Christian. I struggled with forgiveness. I felt I had done the ultimate sin. How could I be forgiven? Over time I was able to forgive myself because of God's love and forgiveness. Years later, I am ready to take action and help others who have suffered like I did following an abortion. Post abortion women need love and forgiveness, not shame and isolation. Therefore, I will be silent no more.

Priests for Life