Living in a Fog

Arizona,  United States
  I had two abortions within a period of two years. Each one was because I felt the pressure of an important person in my life to end the pregnancy or else I would lose them.

Immediately after the first abortion I felt relief, but it quickly shifted to depression and the second one left me feeling numb.

The long term effects of my abortions were years of feeling like I was living in a fog. I hated myself and I hated those who forced me to have the abortions. Sometimes I wanted to die.

It wasn't until 2003, after a few months of volunteering at a CPC, when I was invited to a Post Abortion seminar that I discovered that my abortions affected me in horrific ways, the depression, the fog, and the hate were the effects of my abortions. Through this seminar I was able to attend a Forgiven and Set Free Healing weekend and it is here that I found and experienced God's forgiveness and learned to forgive myself. I finally felt free from shame and this is why I am silent no more!

Priests for Life