What I Can Do

Texas,  United States
  I say that Pro Choice is not a word for Abortion. The only choice that it pertains to is to kill or not to kill your baby.

One would think that if a young girl goes into a clinic designed to help them that they would be given every option, but that is not the case. I remember specifically at Planned Parenthood that there were no options. I actually called NARAL, I believe, not knowing that they were a pro-abortion organization. But I got their number from Planned Parenthood for support after one of my abortions.

Anyway, I argued about the fact that there were no choices presented to me and how the name "Pro-Choice" was ridiculous. I actually left the person on the other line speechless in the end.

I am so determined to do whatever I can do, to tell my stories. To tell the story of my life after these abortions, a life that has and is in disarray.

I have two daughters and a son now. I am unmarried, I have been in abusive relationships, one of which I escaped from Seattle.  We left to avoid being stalked after my oldest daughter and I testified against my youngest daughter’s father in court after he strangled me while holding our then one-year-old daughter. My daughters and I are currently in a Shelter in Pasadena, TX. My son, who is 15, is in Seattle where we hope to return after the end of the school year.  

I went to the University of Washington, and I have had so many opportunities in my life that I have seemed to allow to be destroyed because of dysfunctional and abusive relationships. I feel that there are several reasons for that. But I know more than anything that I need to be with God fully now, and I know that I need to do everything I can to try to stop abortion. I have helped a few friends avoid the mistakes I made by talking them into keeping their babies when they came to me and did not know what to do. Both of which have no regrets that they decided to have their babies.

Please let me know what I can do. God Bless!

Priests for Life