I Regret Ever Going

North Carolina,  United States
  When I was 24 years old I had just had my second daughter born in August 2007. She was born with cleft palate and had some trouble breathing on her own.  She had to have help eating and be on monitors.

In December of that year, I found out I was pregnant again. I was so excited!  My husband at the time was not. Neither was my mom. So they basically guilted me into having the abortion.  They said I couldn't take care of my special needs daughter with another young baby to also care for. I went to the clinic.

I was seven weeks. I regret ever going. I have always thought that the child I aborted was a son. I am blessed with three girls and would love to have a son. I wish I would have done it on my own and went on with the pregnancy.

 It took me until last year to forgive myself and my ex-husband. I did it through praying and listening to a speaker at my church. I now have several other women who have gone through the same thing that I talk to when I have thoughts and feel sad about it. But I am not ashamed anymore, and I will no longer be silent!

Priests for Life