Christina's 2018 March for Life Testimony

New Mexico,  United States

My name is Christina I am from ABQ NM & I mourn my aborted sibling.

I always felt something was very incomplete when I was growing up. One day In April of 2013 my mother told my siblings & I that before she met my Daddy & married him, she was with someone else in 1982. The man was my half-sister's father, who pressured my mother into an abortion on January 12, 1983.

When she told my siblings & me what happened she was in tears, in deep pain & regret. I got up from my seat & hugged her. I said to her, “You & my husband Ken have a common bond of the loss of a child through abortion that was against your wishes.”  I also said to her, “Mom, my sibling has forgiven you, Christ has forgiven you & I shall also forgive.”  My mom gave my sibling her name Gabriella. It now makes sense why she was hurting & blaming herself after she would suffer a miscarriage.  She suffered four.  Both my mom & my daddy were blessed  with 12 children during their 25 years of marriage I am the oldest. They almost lost me because the doctors pressured them to have an abortion, but they trusted God and got a second opinion.

Both my family & started in the pro-life movement in 2013. What brought my mom healing was a walk to Jericho Vigil which is held every Good Friday. She saw, in a vision, my late Daddy holding a beautiful little girl in his arms, clothed in the colors pink & white. They both were smiling.

I have witnessed growing up the pain that my mom had suffered from her abortion & to witness my husband suffer because of abortion.  I didn't want any siblings or parents have to go through the pain because of abortion. It motivated me to be a Pro-life advocate & I now a lead Sidewalk Advocate For Life in Abq.  When the weather is good my sons Aeric, Alex, my husband Ken join me in being voices for Life outside of the abortion facilities on the sidewalk.

My sons know they have both a brother Jacob & auntie in heaven waiting for us.  We love & miss them both very much. It is because of my sister Gabriella, my adopted Son Jacob, my husband, sons, & the babies who can't speak up for themselves that I am Silent No More.

Priests for Life