Nancy's 2018 March for Life Testimony

Missouri,  United States

Women everywhere are speaking out against injustice. I am a woman who was unjustly coerced and lied to.  


At the age of 17 I had a six month old baby and I was pregnant.  I felt overwhelmed with the thought of having another child to care for.  The night before the abortion I dreamed of a little girl running in a field of flowers.  She came to me and said, “Mommy, don’t kill me.” I told my husband I did not want to go through with the abortion.  He felt he was doing what was best for me.  


During the abortion procedure I was told that a suction hose would be used- like those used in dentist offices.  The sound of the suction hose placed such a fear into my subconscious that I had panic attacks visiting the dentist.


I buried the events of the abortion. The guilt, shame, pain, and grief was very alive within me.


I stand before you a woman who by the grace of God is able to speak out against the lies that were told to me.  Lie number 1: What was extracted from my body was just a blob of tissue.  Truth: It was developing baby with a heartbeat and her name was Jenene Renee Hall.  Lie number 2:  The abortion was what was best for me. Truth: Things that are good for me are not done in secret, and they do not leave me with emotional and physical scars.


I attended a Surrendering the Secret class and a Rachel's Vineyard Retreat where I accepted forgiveness for my actions.  I allowed Jesus to tenderized my heart toward my husband who had unjustly coerced me into the abortion.


Today I encourage all women who have experienced an abortion to stand up against injustice and be silenced no more.  This is why I serve as the Central Missouri Regional Coordinator for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

Priests for Life