A vacuum response to a miracle

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A vacuum response to a miracle

I got pregnant and decided out of fear to abort five pregnancies.

I was not given information. It was biased -- only pro-abortion language was used and some counseling was given.

The abortion was ugly. A vacuum response to a miracle. This has left me with years of silent shame.

The abortion has left me with an undesirable loss. You can't calculate the loss on me, my family and the world around me. I am free to grieve after twenty years of silence and shame. My family was ashamed also.

I have trusted the Lord is my savior -- invited him into my heart according to John 3:3, John 1:9 and 10, and John 14:23. He lead me to a class P.A.C.E through a crisis pregnancy center, and it has helped.

I can not calculate the loss I have experienced. My babies had to suffer for what I have done.



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