A murder was committed

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A murder was committed

I was 17 and very confused. My boyfriend, now ex-husband, was against [my abortion] but paid for it. My parents were against it but were willing to pay for it.

I was given false information prior to the abortion. I was very deceived and never really knew it was a baby, I was 4 months along.

The abortion was most horrible and traumatic experience ever. A murder was committed and severe emotional damage was caused.

The abortion made my heart harder and caused great conflict sexually and bruised my soul.

To deal with the abortion I have gone through the Bible Study (PACE) and I now work at a Pregnancy Center to help prevent others from making the same mistake.

The abortion has changed my life forever because it has hardened me, gave me nightmares, filled me with guilt and shame. But now I do not feel that way by the grace of God and use my experience to glorify him.



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