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We’re Taking Obama’s
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Here’s How You Can Show
Your Support of Our Lawsuit!


February 24, 2012

Dear Friend of Priests for Life,

As you already know, Priests for Life has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against the horrifying “Abortion Mandate” in ObamaCare that will force abortion-inducing drugs (and other anti-life evils) down EVERYONE’S throats—starting August 1st of this year!!

Our lawsuit is now underway, and it’s getting the close attention of the Obama Administration and the nation’s pro-abortion news media.

They’re scared.

So scared, in fact, that when a small group of pro-lifers knelt to pray outside the White House last week to protest the Abortion Mandate, Obama’s Secret Service police were quickly dispatched to “break up” the prayer group!

When the group didn’t obey this unconstitutional order from Obama’s goons…

They Were Immediately Arrested,
Handcuffed, and Taken to Jail!!!

It came as no surprise to us, because one of the pro-life leaders arrested right then and there was Priests for Life’s very own Fr. Denis Wilde, OSAour Associate Director!

Clearly, Obama is playing for keeps.

And anyone who dares to challenge his dictator-like power will pay the price!

But Obama doesn’t realize what he’s up against.

He doesn’t realize that when you mess with the Catholic Church, you’ve picked the fight of your life!

Indeed, with Obama’s “HHS Mandate” that forces EVERYONE (not just official Catholic organizations) to pay for, promote, and “push” abortion-causing drugs (so-called “emergency contraception”)…

He Has Awakened a Sleeping Tiger!

And now the fight is on.

That’s why I’m writing to you today.

You see, we urgently need to WIN our lawsuit against the HHS “Abortion Mandate”
that would force abortion drugs down everyone’s throats.

Because if we don’t, we will face dire consequences for many years to come. And millions of innocent human lives will be snuffed out in their earliest stages of development—just so Obama and his abortion-obsessed cohorts can MAKE MONEY off their demonic blood-lust.

Think about it: Now it makes total sense why Planned Parenthood has been on an all-out “building spree” for the last several years—building enormous “mega mills” all across the country.

They knew ObamaCare would open the floodgates to abortion in this country like never before.

And now they’re fully prepared to handle the enormous increase in the number of women coming to them for “contraception” and abortion.

Plus, with ObamaCare on their side, they know that now they’ll be able to charge upwards of $1,500 to $2,000 PER ABORTION…


This has been the “game plan” all along. And now we’re seeing it revealed one step at a time, starting with this outrageous HHS “Abortion Mandate.”

That’s why this fight is so crucial. So timely. And such an imminent threat.

Therefore, in addition to asking for your prayers and your financial support of our lawsuit, I now want to give you the opportunity to let your voice be heard.

With the help of our impressive legal team—lead attorney Charles LiMandri, along with his colleagues at the American Freedom Law Center—we have prepared a short, to-the-point statement that you can sign on to so that YOUR VOICE is heard in this important matter.

We’re calling it our Citizen’s “Amicus Brief” - based on the concept of more official “amicus briefs” that are typically filed in support of lawsuits like ours.

The Citizen’s “Amicus Brief” will let YOUR voice be heard—because YOU are every bit a part of this fight as anyone else!

YOU will be adversely affected by the HHS “Abortion Mandate.”

YOU will be forced to either pay for abortion-causing drugs… promote them to employees (under penalty of law)… or be prosecuted if you choose not to comply with the audacious dictatorial decrees of ObamaCare!

YOU will have no say in the matter if the HHS ruling isn’t repealed, rescinded, or rejected.

It will be like stepping back in time (goose-stepping) to the horrors of Nazi Germany!

And that’s why I urge YOU to take a moment to let your voice be heard on this matter.

You don’t have to sit there in silence any longer!

We have made it possible for you to sign on to this Citizen’s “Amicus Brief” with just the click of your mouse button.

And it is our fervent hope and desire that millions of our fellow Americans will do the same—and show the abortion fanatics like Barack Obama that we mean business!

Because this time, let’s face it…


Every good person in America is up in arms over this unconstitutional violation of basic First Amendment rights and the natural right of all citizens to be free from government coercion.

Catholic and non-Catholic alike—even people who aren’t “pro-life”—are appalled at the Obama Administration’s brazen chutzpah in thinking that Americans will just “roll over” and do what they’re told, regardless of how intrinsically evil it is!

But where I come from on the streets of New York, when someone picks a fight with you, you don’t back down.

You stand up to them. You look them in the eye. You either call their bluff, or things get rough.

But you DON’T back down.

Barack Obama has picked a fight with us. With you. With me. With every God-fearing person in this great country of ours.

We’re standing up to him with the powerful lawsuit we recently filed against him and HHS director Kathleen Sebelius (a shameful ‘Catholic’ pro-abort).

But for that lawsuit to succeed, we want to show that there’s vast public support of our position that this is an intolerable intrusion on the rights of all Americans to be forced to act against their conscience.

That’s why we need you to join with us and sign on to the Citizen’s “Amicus Brief” right now.

It’s easy to do.

All you have to do is click the link below, which will direct you to a special Web site that we’ve created just for this project.

There you will be able to read the short text of the Citizen’s “Amicus Brief” and type in your name and address to show that YOU support our lawsuit against the “Abortion Mandate.”

Please do this right now while you’re at your computer and it’s on your mind.

With everything happening so fast… with the lawsuit scheduled for court hearings soon… and with the August 1st “launch” (deadline) approaching so quickly…

There’s Not a Moment to Lose!

So please click here and go to the Web site that will show the Court how much YOU are concerned about the direction our country is taking.

We will NOT allow abortion to be shoved down our throats—especially not “at gunpoint” like Obama wants to do!

This is the time to fight.

This is the time to take a stand up to the Gates of Hell.

This is the time when we stand our ground… and not back down.

Thank you for your help, your prayers, and your full involvement in this crucial fight.

May God bless you during this Holy season of Lent, where we purify ourselves of our sinfulness and make sacrifices to show God that we truly believe He is Lord and Savior.

Your servant,

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Click here now to sign on to the Citizen’s “Amicus Brief” and let your voice be heard!

P.S. Once you’ve signed on to the Citizen’s “Amicus Brief” and made your voice heard, I strongly urge you to forward this Alert to everyone on your e-mail list.

We urgently need millions of people to sign on to the Citizen’s “Amicus Brief” as quickly as possible.

The politicians will be watching. The media will be watching. And you can rest assured the entire Obama Administration will be watching.

But most importantly, so will God. And He is the only one who can truly save our nation in this time of great peril.

Please pray, work, and sacrifice that “We the People” will not perish.

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