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Christopher Pearson

I have known Fr. Frank for many years, since he was first assigned to St. Charles on S.I. I worked with Fr. Frank for a short time but found that my computer skills were inadequate to the job and left his employ. His work has been invaluable and has saved many thousands of babies and their moms and families worldwide from the horror of mutilation which abortion offers. He has brought our national attention to the horror of "Choice" and the liberal media's treatment; has spot-lighted planned Parenthood's direct implication in cover-ups of female teen abuse; offered yearly unadulterated voter guides; provided fellow clergy with the latest sermon materials to offer their congregations and guides for confession; had spin-off organizations develop to target counseling grieving women; etc.

I pray for Fr. Frank and wish him the best. Long ago, I learned that many liberal priests and bishops could not handle Fr. Frank's honest approach and when conflicted, chose to blame their weakness on his arrogance and ego. I choose to accept my failure to meet his high criteria because the proof is in the pudding. What other priest do you know has achieved the same results as Fr. Frank Pavone? Prophets in their own time are often stoned to death. He is fully aware of the slings and arrows awaiting him and should be applauded a hero for life. He is a man of unfathomable courage and stamina who will go down fighting for women and the truth. God save him from the petty, the weak and liberals.

Ego or not, he has my admiration, praise, support and prayers!

Christopher Pearson
Holy Family Respect Life Committee
Former Employee of Priests for Life
Former President of The S.I.R.T.L.C.

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