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Using Election Law to Expose Abortion

January 16, 2012

Below you will find my latest column, Using Election Law to Expose Abortion. Before you read my column, let me first give you some other important updates.

Please join us for a novena in preparation for the sad commemoration of Roe vs. Wade which is now in progress until January 22nd. You can find the prayer text at

We are in the midst of an election season so we need to become informed about the candidates. One way to do that is to watch tonight’s Presidential debate on Fox News from 9-11pm ET. A timeline of more election-related events can be found at

I hope you can attend the upcoming pro-life events in San Francisco or Washington, DC! Priests for Life will be at the events on both coasts. For detailed information on events and times, see Here are some highlights…

• The women and men of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign will give their testimonies at both events. In San Francisco, this happens prior to the Walk rally. In DC, it happens at the steps of the Supreme Court as soon as the March reaches that point. Please come and support these brave men and women. Even if you can't be there please listen to the testimonies, pray with the group, and spread the testimonies to others, see

• Stand True, the Priests for Life youth outreach headed by Bryan Kemper, will host the March for Life youth rally on Saturday, January 21st from 7-10pm. The rally will have many informative and inspirational speakers.

• The nation's premier pro-life service on Capitol Hill, The National Memorial for the Pre-Born and their Mothers and Fathers will take place Monday, January 23 from 8:30-10:30am at the Capitol Visitor Center, Rm. HVC-201. Our special musical guests will be Tony Melendez and Kelly Clinger, recording artist and spokesperson for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

• Both Priests for Life and our Stand True youth outreach will have information booths at the March for Life convention with lots of great pro-life materials!


Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director

Praise for our Work

Dr. and the way you live your life are such an inspiration to me. I hope one day to get to meet you in person. I have always been interested and active (though not as active as I'd like to be) in pro-life and your faith and continued efforts just inspire me to keep praying, keep talking, keep writing and keep believing. Thank you so much for your good and positive example and for all the innocent lives you are saving. - KH (Dr. Alveda King is Director of African American Outreach for Priests for Life and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Using Election Law to Expose Abortion

By Fr. Frank Pavone

Longtime pro-life activist Randall Terry is running for President. He is running as a Democrat against President Obama in the primaries.

No, he does not expect to win the primary, but neither is that his motive for running. Whatever one thinks of the man himself or his history, what he is doing in this election deserves some attention from every pro-life person humble enough to realize that there is something to be learned from everyone else.

Many organizations -- including my own -- have produced pro-life ads for television and have had some success in running them. Two major issues arise. One, of course, is money. The other is censorship. Many times have we and others been told by television outlets (and print and radio, for that matter) that, although we had the money to buy the ad time, they did not want to air something against abortion, because it would be too upsetting and controversial for their audiences.

I have been told this regarding ads that do not show anything graphic, but simply talk about abortion, and in some cases, show a beautiful, living child.

But there is a way to bypass the censorship: run in a political race, and create ads under the auspices of your election campaign. Randall Terry is currently a federal candidate. By virtue of that fact, he has the law on his side, permitting him to run ads that are both controversial and graphic. The Federal Communications Commission requires stations it has licensed to run the ads of federal candidates within 45 days of a state's primary election or caucus. He is ready to run ads in 17 states and 40 markets including Minneapolis, St. Louis, Denver, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Honolulu and Salt Lake City.

And it's not just about Randall Terry. There are four candidates for the House of Representatives who are using the same approach: Missy Smith, Angela Michael, David Lewis, and Gary Boisclair. They are utilizing election-related law to communicate a message to large segments of the public, a message which under just about every other circumstance would be censored without recourse.

The ads show the American public what an aborted child looks like. As I have always said, America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion. What pro-lifers have in mind when they say the word "abortion" bears little or no resemblance to what many have in mind when they hear the word. We know abortion is dismemberment of a living human child; others think of nothing but "freedom, choice, and women's rights" -- important ideas and realities, indeed, but which do nothing to help one understand what an abortion actually is.

And if people debating abortion cannot even agree on what abortion is, much less whether it is right, then the debate cannot even begin.

Once again, this is not about Randall Terry, nor about endorsing him. It is, rather, about encouraging more pro-life people run for office, and use the law to their advantage to expose the reality of abortion.

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