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Helene Davis

I met Fr. Pavone in 1994 in Orlando, FL . He saved my LIFE and my daughter's LIFE! A single mom of one, I found myself with a second unwanted pregnancy. Disappointed in myself and scared, I let my “friends” convince me to have an abortion. That morning I prayed to God, Jesus, and Mary, being a catholic my whole life, I knew abortion was wrong but I scared and confused. My so called “friends” kept reminding me how I could not keep this baby it would ruin my life. I cried all night, all the way to the abortion clinic and at the abortion clinic. I felt so alone and guilty. From the window I saw a picture of Mary and Fr. Pavone! Raised in catholic schools from kindergarten to 12 grade, nuns and priests have been a consent comfort and respect in my life. I came out of that clinic because of Fr. Pavone! I knew God had sent him to help me and he did! He embraced me and told me that everything will be okay. I felt so guilty that I ask him to forgive me and he performed the sacrament of Confession. Priest for Life saved my LIFE and my beautiful Daughter's LIFE Guadalupe! She is now 16 years old and my only daughter. I am now married with 5 children living a wonderfully blessed life! I know that every women that walk though the doors of an abortion clinic is lost and scared. I know this because I was one. I was scared, she would have a father, I couldn't provide her a good life, I was scared my family would be disappointed of me again! Fr. Pavone hug me and told me not to be scared God will provide and he did!!!!!! My daughter has a great father that cares for her and loves her dearly. God has always provide me with everything I ever need for her! We need more Priests like Fr. Pavone! I changed my profile picture with my daughter's picture so you can see what Fr. Pavone does! She is beautiful, smart and kind young lady and she is here because of Fr. Pavone's passion and commitment to his calling!

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