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October Baby

March 19, 2012

Below you will find my latest column about a new pro-life movie called October Baby which opens in theaters on March 23rd. Please go see the film and encourage your friends to do the same. It is vitally important to see the film opening weekend, as Hollywood gauges the success of films by what is called a Box Office per-screen average. Ten-percent of all gross ticket proceeds will go toward the Every Life Is Beautiful Fund, which will help support frontline organizations helping women with crisis pregnancies, life-affirming adoption agencies and those caring for orphans. To locate a theater near you where October Baby will be opening, go to: If the film is not currently scheduled to open in your town, you may become an Action Squad leader and for a minimum purchase of 750 tickets your town can become part of the expansion city list, which will occur on Friday, April 13th – for information on becoming an Action Squad leader, visit:

Please view my latest YouTube Video at on which I talk about two important evens on March 23rd.

I invite you to listen to the homilies I have been giving to the Sisters in Amarillo, TX - The Disciples of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Find them at and share them with your email list and on your social networking sites.

March 25th will be the seventeenth anniversary of the release of Evangelium Vitae. This document is the most comprehensive and authoritative statement of the Magisterium on the tragedies of abortion and euthanasia, and on the good news of the dignity of the human person. For more information see

On March 26th, the Church will celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation. March 25th, which is nine months before the celebration of the Birth of Christ, is the Annunciation, when Jesus was conceived within the body of the Virgin Mary as she accepted her call to be the Mother of God. Priests for Life, along with many other pro-life groups, urges believers to celebrate this day as a Day of the Unborn Child, with special observances that highlight the Church’s pro-life teachings. See

Our prayer novena in remembrance of Terri Schiavo begins on March 23rd. Go to to find the prayer and order prayer cards.

Finally, you are invited to stand up for religious freedom on March 23rd by joining one of the Nationwide rallies which Priests for Life is helping to organize. Thousands will take a stand to rally on that day to defeat the Obama HHS mandate. For information on a rally near you see For resources and talking points about the mandate see


Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Praise for our Work

Dear Father Frank, Thank you for all you do for the cause of Life – May the Good Lord bless you abundantly. You are an inspiration to all of us in the pro-life movement – a truly dedicated and heroic Apostle of Life.
May God Bless & Keep you – Thomas and Mary

October Baby

by Fr. Frank Pavone

I don't recommend many movies, but on Friday, March 23, one that you really should see is coming into theatres nationwide. It's called October Baby, and it deals in a masterful way with a difficult topic, abortion.

Abortion is not and should not be an abstract debate. When I'm asked how the pro-life battle has evolved over the decades that I've been in leadership in the movement, I often respond that the 'issue' of abortion has gotten more and more of a face. This is both desirable and inevitable.

The face of abortion is marked by both beauty and pain, hope and of despair, tears and the joy of knowing the Savior.

The face of abortion is revealed in the photos of the babies -- the primary victims -- and in the faces and voices of our Silent No More Awareness Campaign, which mobilizes women and men who have lost children to abortion and speak out about their pain and forgiveness.

And the face of abortion is increasingly revealed by its survivors, not only because more and more of them speak out, but also because filmmakers are using their talents to bring these faces before millions.

This Friday, that will happen again.

The movie October Baby is a fabulous, moving, powerful encounter with the reality of abortion survivors, and the pain and healing they experience. It is the story of a beautiful young woman who, on finding out she was adopted after her biological mother's attempt to abort her failed, goes on a journey in search of that mother. In the process, she journeys just as much into her own soul, to find the grace to do what she doesn't think she has the power to do.

Research has uncovered the wounds of those who have abortions, as well as the wounds abortion inflicts on marriages and families. And among the most fascinating research, still not as widely known as it should be, is that on abortion survivors. October Baby makes use of some of this research, done primarily by my friend and colleague Dr. Philip Ney, Canadian psychiatrist. Dr. Ney identifies ten different categories of "abortion survivors," one of which, as with the central character of October Baby, is the survivor who is actually a victim of the abortion procedure but is not killed by it.

But that doesn't mean that something doesn't die.

Abortion survivors feel guilty and anxious about living, confused about their identity, and unsure of their psychological footing in a world where love, parenthood, and even God seem to have betrayed them.

These dynamics take on another dimension when the survivor, as in October Baby, is a twin survivor, and lives with the knowledge that her companion in the womb was killed in an attempt that was aimed also at her.

To love, educate, and serve our youth, we need to understand abortion survivors better. October Baby is an important step toward that goal, and Priests for Life is proud to co-sponsor its promotion. Don't miss it!

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