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Frank Pavone's
Daily Diary

My Daily Diary for Thursday Feb. 2nd - 5th, 2023
Cardinal Müller's remarks on the laicization of Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone


This year, the 50th year since the now-reversed Roe v Wade decision, Pro-life Leader Frank Pavone and Dr. Alveda King will release a jointly authored book called “Abortion in Black and White.”....MORE

In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Biden used the word “veto” three times. One of them was in regard to abortion:...MORE

She will speak at a pro-life banquet on February 11 at St. Helen's Church....MORE

Some Recent Praise Received for our Work

From Rev Rafael Cruz (Senator Ted Cruz’s Father)

I just wanted to let Fr. Pavone know that I stand with him 100% and he has completely my absolute support.  He’s doing the right thing and I just support him 100%.


Fr. Frank once said to me he wished he could hire someone to sleep for him. At the time, I laughed and thought, "I'll take that job!" But the more I got to know Fr. Frank, he was serious. He uses every waking minute of the day trying to figure out ways to save more babies. He is the most dedicated priest I know to the pro-life movement and he is truly an inspiration. God Bless you and your ministry Fr. Frank!

In Christ,
Heather (Former Priests for Life Employee)


Frank Father, your dismissal by Bishop Zurich was a disgrace and a slap in the face to every Catholic. I called him and supported you and let him know that our movement just got bigger because of what he did. Who would have thought that persecution would come from within the church and reveal the evil that is everywhere. I pray that God Forgives Zurich and I pray for you. Father frank you brought me back to the church and although I feel like a lost cause, I know with prayer and God I will get to where I need to be. God bless you never stop. We will prevail - Kieran


There are few people on the face of this earth, past and present, who have done as much as Father Frank Pavone for America's unborn babies and their mothers and fathers. Regardless of the maddening proclamation by the Vatican, the good that Fr. Frank and Priests for Life are doing will not be diminished or devalued in importance. NOTHING HAS CHANGED in our ongoing battle to protect the innocents. NOTHING.

Brad Mattes
President, Life Issues Institute


Fr. Frank, I am so sorry that this has happened. I will keep you in prayer and have asked others to do the same. Having this happened makes me want to support you more than ever. 
I think this is something all of us will grieve, because your loss is a loss to all of us, though we will continue to support you in all pro-life work and to support you personally in any way possible. As the years have passed, I appreciate you more and more, and even more than ever today. 


Martha Shuping

Ashford Institute. 


The gates of Hell shall NOT prevail against Jesus Christ and His work!
Fr. Frank -- you are ours and we are yours. We love you, respect you, are honored to work alongside you and to CONTINUE to do so. You have sacrificed every comfort to save babies and bring hope to Moms and Dads, men and women everywhere. God sees this & holds you in His heart. Even in the darkest time, where insanity and unGodliness reign, the gates of Hell shall NOT prevail! Jesus is our Rock, our Fortress, our Deliverer. These are truly the last days. The Bible called it -- in the last days, many will exchange truth for a lie, will believe a lie faster than the truth, and will prefer darkness instead of God's light.  Even within many "churches" and churchfolk.


Christ's strength, peace, resolution, revelation, revolution, healing, power to you, Father Pavone. May Priests for Life press on. 

Please forgive me if these were not the right words,
my heart is falling out...

--Connie Eller, Founder, Missouri Blacks for Life



Frank Pavone, whom I have known since 1987, is to me the most anointed pro-life leader in the United States. He is daring, profound, truthful, creative, caring and an inspirational, if not anointed  preacher but his forums will no longer be pulpits but podiums and media studios. 

I cry for the Catholic Church, in one of it’s worst moves in American history. But Frank will persevere after this pathetic persecution, as he has done for decades, in a Church desperate for leadership and reform. I beg you all to Pray for Mr Pavone and his great group Priests for Life. I will STAND with Frank and PFL. 

Chris Slattery, EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Ctrs


[Fr. Frank] is a beloved, generous priest, intensely committed to the Catholic faith and the protection of the unborn. ...He is one of the finest fruits of the Catholic Church and deserves its support in defending a key teaching about the sanctity of life, is a travesty that the Vatican has issued a decision dismissing him from the priesthood...[He is] one of the most magnificent priests of our time. Those who love Fr. Pavone should pray for him. - Reggie Littlejohn, Women's Rights Without Frontiers


I have been a close friend of Father Frank for over 30 years. 


One of the most selfless, dedicated, honest, sacrificial men in the prolife movement 

And I say that as a Presbyterian Elder. 

God Bless Father Frank, and Priests for Life. My friends and co-labors for the preborn 

Troy Newman
President, Operation Rescue


Like many of you, I was saddened to hear the shocking news that Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, was removed from the priesthood by the Vatican.

From the beginning of 40 Days for Life, Fr. Pavone was an enthusiastic supporter and advocate for this new initiative. He confirmed what we hoped for when we launched 40 Days for Life as a national effort--local pro-lifers would embrace an opportunity to lead and end abortion where they live. Fr. Pavone has not displayed passive support for 40 Days for Life but has, without hesitation, traveled at his own expense to countless 40 Days for Life locations to encourage local volunteers, whether there be 5 or 500 at a vigil location.

I've been around Fr. Pavone in hundreds of social and professional settings, and he has been an excellent example of leadership, faith, and tireless work ethic on behalf of the unborn. My favorite memory is from 2007 when I first took him to pray at the Planned Parenthood in College Station, where we started 40 Days for Life. After her conversion in 2009, the then-director of that facility, Abby Johnson, said that every abortion worker rushed to the windows when they heard Fr. Pavone was outside praying. By the grace of God, today, 40 Days for Life has grown into the largest pro-life organization in the world in 1,000 cities throughout 65 countries; Fr. Pavone supported it when it was in just one city.

While known worldwide as a spokesperson for women and the unborn, Fr. Pavone has also demonstrated a deep and intense faith in Jesus Christ and a love for Catholic teaching on the dignity of the human person. As a Catholic, my greatest sadness is that he will no longer be allowed to celebrate Holy Mass.

40 Days for Life is grateful for his work and, like many others, confused at the reasoning given who is and is not removed from the priesthood. That is not up to us, but what is up to us is continuing to preach the Gospel of Life and stand vigil to end abortion in a post-Roe America.

For life,

Shawn Carney

President/CEO, 40 Days for Life


As a member of the National Pro-Life Religious Council, I too stand with Fr Frank, of which he is currently president. Thank you for the recommended articles. Very informative.

John Brown


Dear faithful pro-life friends,

I want to clearly and publicly voice my support of Fr.Frank Pavone and the leadership of Priests for Life (PFL). I count Fr.Frank as a dear friend to me and to the ministry of Stanton Healthcare. I’ve known Fr. Frank for 20 years as he was one of the very first national pro-life leaders I met when I began pro-life advocacy in my early 20’s.  Fr.Frank’s encouragement of my pro-life passion and conviction was instrumental in solidifying, in my heart, that this was a calling God had on my life… full-time pro-life activism and advocacy.

I’m thankful that throughout the years Fr.Frank and the PFL team have remained consistent mentors and trusted advisors. I am convinced that Stanton would not be as successful in rescuing pre-born children and serving women without the loyal friendship and support of PFL under the direction of Fr.Frank.

On a personal note, when my my mother unexpectedly passed away in 2016, Fr.Frank and PFL sent the most stunningly beautiful flower arrangement. Fr.Frank/PFL understood the devastating pain I was in and reached out in the most touching way. I share this because this was a private pastoral act of care and compassion that shows who someone is when no one is watching.

Fr.Frank is kind, caring, pastoral, encouraging, fierce, and a tremendous asset to the pro-life movement. Lord, I pray You bless and keep Fr.Frank and the ministry of PFL in the palm of Your hand. All for YOUR glory!

Brandi Swindell
Stanton Healthcare -


Dear Fr. Frank, It is with the joyous, thankful heart that I send my contribution. Your letter was beautifully written. The booklet is extremely helpful. Numbering the paragraphs I think, was a good way to make it easy reading. I thought I basically understood Dobbs but in reading your booklet I have a much better understanding of what Dobbs did and did not do. I will use the points in it to help my granddaughter, 10, understand why, even an abortion in the months prior to viability, sentience, self-awareness and ability to reason is still the killing of life. I watch your podcast. When I watch it I feel blessed and encouraged. - Jennifer, Washington State


Fr. Denis, Thank you so much for spending the evening with St. Margaret's Parish and the broader community last night.  Like Deacon Jim said, your talk provided some fantastic education on the significance of this week in October (Columbus and Fatima) and linking that to the darkest periods in the 20th century (spreading of Russia's errors, outlawing/marginalizing religion, eugenics, abortion on demand, and the Roe decision).  More importantly, you gave us practical advice on how to engage today's culture on a personal level to change hearts and minds.  And your patriotic piano repertoire was phenomenal, especially sending us forth with the Battle Hymn of the Republic at the end.  We can't thank you enough for your time, energy, research, and work putting on this great event and making everyone feel special who engaged you one on one. Craig Martin after a piano performance and Columbus Day presentation at St Maagdalen Mary Church in Bel Air, MD, Oct 12. 



Frank A. Pavone

National Director, Priests for Life
President, National Pro-life Religious Council
Pastoral Director, Rachel's Vineyard
Pastoral Director, Silent No More Awareness Campaign

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