40 Days for Life Campaign

The 40 Days for Life Campaign is a period of prayer and fasting, of pro-life community outreach and presence at the killing centers.

The Spring 2023 Campaign runs from February 22 - April 2

Priests for Life is the primary partner of this campaign, and our pastoral team will visit many of the cities that are conducting this effort, leading them in prayer and encouraging their activities. Priests for Life has also provided many of the daily prayer devotionals that are used by 40 Days participants.

Watch this video message (left) from Fr. Frank Pavone to participants in the Spring 2023 40 Days for Life Campaign.

Here are some of our resources you can use at your 40 Days Prayer Vigils:

The Silent No More Awareness Campaign, a project of Priests for Life and Anglicans for Life, is mobilizing women and men who have lost children to abortion, and enabling them to speak out about their pain and healing. Their presence at the abortion mills during this campaign provides a powerful witness against abortion. Silent No More, 40 Days for Life Team Up to Help Women Suffering From Abortion

Moreover, Priests for Life is making a special call to clergy to preach on abortion, to mobilize people to come in prayer to the abortion mills, and to have every parish in the nation praying for the conversion and closing of abortion mills - not only during the 40 Days Campaign, but all year round.

Priests for Life has provided the priests, pastors, and deacons of the country with a simple action plan for their congregations:

1. Have each member and family of the Church pray the daily prayer to end abortion, found at www.PrayerCampaign.org.

2. Sign up for liturgical resources to be emailed to you each week; request them at clergy@priestsforlife.org. Find them online at www.priestsforlife.org/liturgy

3. Preach on abortion using the guidelines given in the weekly liturgical resources email mentioned above.

4. Each Sunday, have a paragraph on pro-life themes in the bulletin, as provided for each Sunday in the weekly liturgical resources email mentioned above.

5. For the General intercessions at Mass, use the prayers found for each Sunday in the weekly liturgical resources email mentioned above.

6. On one of the Sundays during the campaign, provide in the bulletin one of the full page inserts offered free of charge at www.priestsforlife.org/bulletin.

7. Prepare your people for the elections. Find more information at www.ProLifeVote.com.

8. Publicize to your people the resources for healing after abortion found at www.RachelsVineyard.org. Utilize the bulletin, parish website, pulpit announcements, parish mailings, and literature in the vestibule.

9. Share with your people the testimonies of the men and women who have suffered the loss of children through abortion and have found healing. You can use the testimonies at www.SilentNoMoreAwareness.org or contact us to arrange for someone to come to share his or her testimony in person.

10. Invite a member of our pastoral team to come to the parish to assist the activation and/or growth of the parish pro-life committee, which can be the center of pro-life activity for the parish throughout the year.

Friends, the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. As we become more activated during this special season, and all during the year, we will see the abortion industry retreat and the Victory of Life unfold more clearly than ever!

Fr. Frank Pavone

In March 2020, Fr. Frank Pavone joined Matt Britton for a 40 Days for Life Tour. See more images here.

Priests for Life has done an amazing job of helping to spread the 40 Days for Life campaign to hundreds of cities across the nation - and around the globe. Fr. Frank Pavone has tirelessly promoted 40 Days for Life through every possible communication channel, personally contributed many of the daily devotionals used throughout the campaign, and deployed the entire Priests for Life pastoral team across the country to visit dozens of 40 Days for Life campaign sites, providing support, encouragement, and guidance. I truly believe that much of the explosive growth of 40 Days for Life has been due to the involvement of Priests for Life and I cannot say enough good things about Fr. Frank and his team. 40 Days for Life is proud to have Priests for Life as a primary partner, working together to end abortion." - David Bereit, Former National Campaign Coordinator

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