Join the Moral Outcry!

The nation is enraged, as the extremism of abortion is on full display in America. Various states have removed their remaining limitations on late term abortion, even up to the day of birth. Democrats in Congress have allocated more and more money to the abortion industry, removing longstanding policies that protected our taxpayer dollars from funding abortion. They have also introduced legislation to remove all restrictions on abortion nationwide, and have refused to even protect babies who are born alive after a failed abortion! People are outraged.

We want to give you a chance to express your outrage!

A coalition of pro-life groups recently announced that they are supporting The Moral Outcry Petition as a national project. The Moral Outcry Petition calls on the Supreme Court to reverse its abortion cases, and gives all Americans an opportunity to voice their moral outrage over abortion by signing the Moral Outcry petition. Praise God, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022.

The goal is to collect over a million signatures on this petition which would constitute severe criticism of the abortion cases, which is a reason under §47(d) of the Law of Judicial Precedent* for overturning Supreme Court decisions. Under expert legal guidance, the reasons the petition gives for reversing Roe would be inserted into Amicus Curiae Briefs for appropriate cases making their way through the federal courts.

Abortion is the greatest injustice in the world today. Abortion is a crime against humanity, not a fundamental right.

The five reasons given in the Petition are as follows:

  1. New Argument that Abortion is a Crime Against Humanity
  2. New scientific evidence (since 1973 and 1992) shows Life Begins at Conception
  3. New evidence shows Abortion Hurts Women
  4. New, better alternative to abortion – a massive “change in circumstances”- Safe Haven Laws, present in all 50 states, whereby parents who cannot take care of a newborn can anonymously leave the newborn at a safe, designated place, no questions asked.
  5. New – a million people are waiting to Adopt Healthy Newborn Infants

The attorney representing The Moral Outcry Petition is Allan E. Parker, Jr., President of The Justice Foundation. For legal questions, contact Allan E. Parker, Jr. at (210) 614-7157.

For questions of why each organization decided to join the Petition at this time, you can contact the head of the organizations. 

To contact the founder of The Moral Outcry Petition, Melinda Thybault, contact The Justice Foundation and her attorney, Allan E. Parker, Jr. at (210) 614-7157.

The groups promoting this effort, and the leaders representing them, are:
Anglicans for Life – Deacon Georgette Forney Missouri Blacks for Life - Connie Eller
Brimstone Services - Dianne Rogers National Institute of Family and Life Advocates – Tom Glessner
Center For Bio-Ethical Reform – Gregg Cunningham National Life Chain – Ann Lauren Morris, Florida State Director
Charismatic Episcopal Church for Life – Fr. Terry Gensemer Priests for Life – Fr. Frank Pavone and Janet Morana
Children First Foundation - Larry Cirignano Pro-life Action Ministries – Brian Gibson
Expectant Mother Care/EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers, NYC - Chris Slattery Pro-Life San Francisco
Human Life Alliance – Joe Langfeld Red Rose Rescue, Fr. Fidelis Moscinski, CFR
John J Jakubczyk, Esq Soundwave Images – – Shari Richard
Justice Foundation – Allan E. Parker, Jr. Stanton Healthcare – Brandi Swindell;
Citizens for a Pro-Life Society

* (See "Law of Judicial Precedent", page 400, co-authored by Bryan A. Garner, Carlos Bea, Rebecca White Berch, Neil M. Gorsuch, Harris L. Hartz, Nathan L. Hecht, Brett M. Kavanaugh, Alex Kozinski, Sandra L. Lynch, William H. Pryor, Jr., Thomas M. Reavley, Jeffery S. Sutton, Diane P. Wood, with forward by Justice Stephen Breyer, released by Thomson Reuters in 2016.)###

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