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“GIMME SHELTER” is a Family Friendly Inspiring Movie Masterpiece

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

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Once upon a time before the world went crazy, there were compassionate people who opened shelters for unwed mothers, offering refuge and care for women and their babies in their desperate times of need. In the 21st Century, we call these shelters “pregnancy care centers.” The setting for much of the riveting new “GIMME SHELTER” movie is a Pregnancy Care Center.

The movie is modeled after a true story in which a young woman, estranged from her pitiful drug addicted mother, and virtually unknown to her well to do father finds herself alone and pregnant. After several brushes with death and skirmishes with the law and her parents, she finds an unlikely refuge. We quickly fall in love with her, the shelter, and her new friends.

I understand why the producers of the film insist that it isn’t just about a prolife message because while the message “choose life” reverberates in the movie, the totality of the telling is much more comprehensive than one would imagine. There is a struggle to overcome bureaucracy, familial dysfunction and even implied racism in the film. Friendship, loyalty, faith, love and grace abound on the screen.

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include a scripture in this review, so here we go. Caregivers in the desired “shelter” reminded me of the midwives in the Bible. Where we are surrounded by the Pharaohs of Planned Parenthood here in the 21st Century, we discover in this film that there are still those who have not bowed their knees to the baals of greed that cause women to make desperate choices in seemingly hopeless moments. Yes, there are angels in disguise, and we meet some of them in the movie. They remind me of the midwives in Exodus chapter one.

“Behold, the people… are too many and too mighty for us… come, let us deal shrewdly with them, lest they multiply… But the midwives feared God and did not do as the king… commanded them, so God dealt well with the midwives. And the people multiplied and grew very strong.”

Compassion is an act of obedience and humility; an act that says “yes, I’m my brother’s and my sister’s keeper.” The midwives in Exodus were humble, obedient and compassionate. This expression of the love of Christ is predominant in the movie although one wouldn’t come away feeling that they had gone to a religious movie. Evil was confronted and overcome by good in a very realistic way in the movie.

Dealers and traffickers of drugs, greed, abortion and evil in general are enemies to life and family. Yet, there is shelter in the storm. While the film was primarily about a woman’s search for shelter, the role of the father in the life of his children was also poignantly addressed. But I come to close to the plot so I’ll leave something to your imagination until you get to the theater. Don’t wait too long!

My daughter and I went to see the movie, and she was moved to tears. It was a powerfully emotional experience for me as well. Since I don’t want to make this review into a spoiler, I’ll contain my zeal and end this review by urging you to see the film.

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Take Time to Pray: Life Goes On, or Does It?

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013


[Have the Attitude of Christ] Is there any encouragement from belonging to Christ? Any comfort from his love? Any fellowship together in the Spirit? Are your hearts tender and compassionate? Philippians 2:1 NLT

My heart goes out to the victims of the recent Oklahoma tragedy. Let us continue to pray for them, and for all who continue to lose lives and property every day in America and across the globe. In the midst of all of the tragedy, one can’t help wondering if there is a connection between what humans term “natural disasters” and something closer to the human heart; are these “signs of the times” occurring more and more frequently in order to turn our attention away from the media spins back to the plight of humanity?

A few days before the tornado, I received a sad call regarding the death of Malcom X’s grandson, Malcom Shabazz. I never met him personally, but was planning to sit down with him and talk with him and encourage him for his prolife stance. My failure to go to such a meeting with him was maybe a case of my thinking that I’d find time one day to speak with Mr. Shabazz because I considered his brave prolife position as bold and courageous. However, time ran out for me, and sadly for Mr. Shabazz. He was killed on a tour outside of the country. I just want to thank him in his earthly absence for having had the courage to stand up against the scourge of abortion.

Later on in the week, I was preparing to accept another opportunity that I almost turned down, because I thought I was “too busy” to take the time. I was invited to do a talk, Purpose: Be Fruitful and Multiply, at a Mother-Daughter brunch in Atlanta. The topic of the meeting was “Matters of the Heart.” The sponsor of the event encouraged me to speak candidly about my own post abortion testimony and to also exhort the listeners to have a change of heart. I remember thinking that day and then later on in the week after the terrible Oklahoma tornado that no matter what happens, those who remain behind after a tragic death have to go on with our lives. And it is important to pray and ask God to help us not miss out on opportunities that might make a difference in someone’s life if we only take the time.

I imagine that we can all agree that no matter what happens, life does go on. There is life after Oklahoma. There is life after Gosnell. At least there is life for the living; prayerfully there is life after death for all of the innocent victims. Surely, there is life after death for everyone, but the question will have to be answered sooner or later. WHERE WILL YOU SPEND ETERNITY?

Malcom Shabazz

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