Fr. Pavone asks Catholics to sign an open letter to Tim Kaine


Date: October 4, 2016

Contact: Leslie Palma

Tells presidential hopeful you can’t be Catholic and pro-abortion

NEW YORK — Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, is asking Catholics to sign on to an Open Letter to Tim Kaine, the Democratic vice presidential hopeful who describes himself as Catholic but believes that abortion must remain legal.

“The assertion that your “personal beliefs’ and ‘public actions’ can remain separate on this issue simply does not hold water,” Father Pavone wrote in the open letter. “The Tim Kaine who believes things privately is the same person who permits them publicly — one person, one name, one conscience.

“Some have described you as a “Pope Francis Catholic.” Would that this were the case. There is only one Catholicism, and Pope Francis embraces it. That Catholicism calls for acceptance of all the teachings of the Church, including the teaching that the unborn child is to be treated as a person. To hold that these children can be legally killed is not to treat them as persons.”

The open letter is similar to one Father Pavone penned in 2013 to then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who calls herself Catholic but insists that abortion is “sacred ground” in her political life.

In his letter to Kaine, Father Pavone said: “You claim to be Catholic and yet support the legal killing of more than a million children a year. The only logical explanation for this is that you are seeking to please both the Democratic party — which will not tolerate anyone in your position who tries to protect unborn children — and Catholic voters — who may be led to vote for you because you say you are “Catholic.”

As he did with Ms. Pelosi, Father Pavone calls on Kaine to “simply be consistent and honest. Either call for the protection of unborn children, or admit that you reject the call of the Catholic Church to do so.”

“Tim Kaine will be in the national spotlight tonight as he debates his Republican rival, Mike Pence,” Father Pavone noted. “We can’t be sure the subject of Kaine’s false Catholicism will come up, but by signing this open letter, people of faith can let him know what they think about his pro-abortion stance. Please sign it today!”

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8 Responses to “Fr. Pavone asks Catholics to sign an open letter to Tim Kaine”

  1. Abortion is the brutal, painful killing of an unborn human being inside its mother’s body.How grotesque that we allowl an abortionist to reach into a woman’s body to dismember and sometimes behead her innocent child. This is as brutal as ISIS.
    Your running mate fights for abortion at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all.She promotes this until birth.She is a grandmother, has held her own child and now two precious little ones in her arms, and yet if they were to have an unplanned sibling on the way, she would cheer on her daughter for aborting.
    Abortion kills an innocent AND deprives a woman of the purest love she will ever know on this earth – the unconditional love of a child for its mother. Mothers would give their lives for our children; how can we encourage them to do something so grotesque, so unnatural, that will live with them till the day they die? Loss, guilt, regret – unbearable.
    Our Lord would never approve a young, unwed, pregnant woman killing her baby. His own mother was a young, unwed pregnant woman.Our Catholic Church says absolutely no to this. You have one foot in the church and one foot in the world. Don’t try to convince people that the church will change to accommodate this dreadful evil. Pray – and open your mind to the voice of the Holy Spirit. I believe you already know what is right.

  2. helen kalis says:

    please save the unborn babies

  3. Judith Prose says:

    Please, Mr. Kaine.
    Do not sell your own soul for this evil act.

  4. Susan Morris says:

    Shame on you. You should know better.

  5. Margaret Zabiega says:

    Don’t say you are Catholic, when you obviously are not.

  6. Blanca Perez says:

    You can’t be catholic if you don’t follow our church teaching and the ten coomandments!! Tim please read and obey the CCC, bible and our Pope!!!

  7. Thomas B. Collins says:

    The issue of abortion has descended horribly since the early Roe v. Wade days when judges decided that a woman seeking an early first trimester abortion to escape difficult circumstances would be allowed to exercise her “personal privacy rights.” Just as general morality in society has drifted downhill in the 40 years since we OK’d abortion, now we are dealing with the gruesome picture of partial birth abortion for any reason, or no reason at all, plus the mandated inclusion of abortion in national health care as a “reproductive health care right of women” so that even the Little Sisters of the Poor (who had a perfectly good care plan before) are now forced to sponsor abortion, with all other forms of “contraception,” or else be exiled from the country by crippling fines. We are even expected to overlook and the horrid trafficking in baby body parts for profit so that we can go on supporting with our tax dollars an enterprise whose primary business is abortion. Our societal acquiescence with “intrinsic evil” has brought, and is continuing to bring about a cataclysmic moral descent. Sen. Kaine, your party has actively promoted all of these negative social trends. The Democratic party is incompatible with devout Catholicism, and authentic Catholicism is incompatible with modern Democratic party activity. Sir, with all due respect, you are in the wrong party.

  8. Blanca Robles says:

    Dear Mr. Kain,
    when you call yourself a Catholic and then proceed to support abortion you are encouraging others to sin. You are culpable for their sin in your encouragement. Surely, the Jesuits taught you that you can not encourage others to do sinful acts without you yourself participating in their sin. Would you sell your soul for the tittle of Vice President? Your example will lead poorly formed Catholics into believing supporting abortion or having an abortion is ok. Please do not do this…for the sake of your soul and the souls of all those who look to you for direction. Abortion is contrary to the Catholic faith.
    Blanca Robles

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