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Contact Your Senators Now -- Urge them to Conduct a Fair and Swift Confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the US Supreme Court!

July 10, 2018

Dear Friends,

This is the moment we have been preparing for!

President Trump has announced his second nomination to the US Supreme Court – and it is a great choice!

And before I tell you about the action I need you to take, please make plans to join me tonight live on Facebook.com/FatherFrankPavone at 9pm ET for extended commentary and prayer on the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court!

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is highly qualified, and is exactly the type of judge we need. He even ruled in favor of Priests for Life, me, and my associates Alveda King and Janet Morana in our religious liberty case, Priests for Life vs. HHS, a few years ago!

But we must make sure the US Senate does its job swiftly and fairly to confirm the President’s nominee.

That is why I need you to

make two phone calls –

one to each of your US Senators.

I will give you the phone number and message to convey later in this alert, but let me give you more background first.

When he ran for office, President Trump promised to nominate pro-life judges to the Supreme Court and other federal courts. He promised it in his speeches, and in a letter he sent to me and other pro-life leaders.

And the President has kept his promise!

He has already put numerous judges on the federal courts, including Justice Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

But now, his nomination of Judge Kavanaugh has launched an even more intense battle. Why?

Because Justice Anthony Kennedy was a swing vote on a pretty evenly divided court.

Justices Ginsburg, Kagan, Sotomayor and Breyer tend to vote liberal; Justices Thomas, Roberts, Alito and Gorsuch tend to vote conservative.

Kennedy has been unpredictable. He voted to keep Roe vs. Wade in place in a 5-4 decision in 1992; he voted to protect babies from partial birth abortion in 2007; he voted against commonsense regulations on abortion clinics in 2016; he voted in favor of protecting pro-life pregnancy centers just last week.

Back and forth, back and forth.

Now, we have a chance to replace him with a more reliably conservative, pro-life vote on the Court.

This means, at least, that many future cases that would have been 5-4 against our causes will be 5-4 in favor of our causes!

Will one of those decisions be the reversal of Roe vs. Wade?

The answer is that we simply do not know. But we know that this new Justice moves the Court closer to being able to do that.

And it moves the Court closer to what the Founders intended it to be – and this is critically important.

A judge is supposed to make his or her decisions based on the meaning of the law being examined, in the light of the original, textual meaning of the Constitution.

The judge is not supposed to be a politician, advocating for or against a particular policy. The judge is not supposed to write the law. The judge is not supposed to invent rights out of thin air – such as the right to kill one’s child by abortion!

Judge Kavanaugh is precisely the kind of judge who reveres the Constitution, rather than re-writing it, and the 300 court decisions he has authored demonstrate that!

But Senate Democrats have already vowed that they will do everything in their power to keep any nominee of President Trump from even being considered for the Supreme Court. They are obstructionists. They delay. They put partisanship ahead of the business of America.

And mark my words: they will attack Judge Kavanaugh and his decisions in every way they can. They will lie. They will engage in character assassination. They will distort the nominee’s record and words. They will look for any dirt they can dig up from the nominee’s past and throw it out into the public arena.

Just look back at the confirmation hearings of Justice Clarence Thomas to see what I mean.

So now is the time to put our Senators on warning:

The Constitution does not ask Senators to conduct smear campaigns.

Rather, it requires that Senators look objectively at the qualifications of the nominee for serving on the court, and then “advise and consent” to the President’s appointment.

That means we need to urge our Senators to do everything in their power to conduct a swift and fair confirmation process for Judge Kavanaugh without any obstruction or smear tactics.

This confirmation battle will determine how the Supreme Court rules on abortion, religious liberty, and other vital matters for decades to come.  There’s no way to overstate its importance.

Please call your Senators and ask them to conduct a fair and swift confirmation process for Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

We must use every chance we get to advance the cause of life!  Please call now!

Please click here for further instructions on how to take action to support this measure.


Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

P.S. This is the type of action that Priests for Life can take nationwide as we mobilize our movement. To help make it possible for Priests for Life to conduct campaigns such as this one, please click here and be as generous as you can.

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