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Here’s a great way you can help me educate
voters about President Trump!

July 1, 2019


The 2020 election season is well underway and all of us have the opportunity to educate voters within our circle of influence.

I’d like to give you a special way that you can help.

To participate in an informed way in our nation’s elections, our citizens need to know what the President is saying, not through the lens of fake news, but directly from him.

And he is providing us a way to do that: the rallies he holds throughout the nation.

So a great way to educate voters is to have them join you in watching the President’s rally speeches.

I would like to encourage you to gather as many people as you can and host a “Watch Party!”

A watch party can take place as a rally airs live or you can watch past rallies online.

President Trump’s most recent rally can always be found at this special page I have set up: www.ProLifePresident.com. At this page now is the Orlando, FL rally when he officially kicked off his campaign on June 18th.

Why not start with this one and gather friends to watch it together?

Then, his rallies from further in the past can be found at www.PoliticalResponsibility.com/TrumpRallies.

At times I will host the Watch Parties myself and I’ll invite you to join me online to do so.

Friends, I also inform the White House of all activities such as this that people are doing to educate voters so I ask you to let me know about your rally watch party – or even if you watch on your own – at www.RallyWatchParty.com. And if you can invite those who participate to also go their and let us know who they are, that would be ideal.

So will you commit to gathering some people together to watch the President’s re-election kickoff rally, at www.ProLifePresident.com? You choose the day and time. Just let me know the details at www.RallyWatchParty.com.

Thank you for your efforts and God bless you!

Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone

National Director, Priests for Life

This is the type of action that Priests for Life can take nationwide as we mobilize our movement. To help make it possible for Priests for Life to conduct campaigns such as this one, please click here and be as generous as you can.

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