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Keep up the pressure on House Democrats to get a vote 
on Protecting Babies Born Alive!

August 26, 2019

Dear Friends,

Would you go to a Town Hall meeting this week or next in order to speak up for babies left to die after they are born alive in abortion clinics?

As unbelievable as it sounds to many of our fellow citizens, this is happening, and Democrats refuse to consider a bill that can protect these children.

The bill is called the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (H.R. 962), and

We need you to challenge your Representative to support it.

All the Republicans do.

But the Democrats, both in the US House and Senate, are blocking it.

While they are still in their home districts, would you ask them about this?

You can do it by going to a Town Hall meeting and raising the issue publicly, or you can ask for an appointment in their home office.

Either way, please do something!

Over 80 times in the current Congress, a Republican member of the House of Representatives has asked for immediate consideration of this bill.

The Republicans have also introduced and unanimously signed a discharge petition, which, if it gets a majority of Members to sign it, will clear the way for a vote on this bill.

Only three of the current 235 House Democrats have signed it. Only another 17 are needed.

Again, let’s challenge them!

Members return to Washington soon – and when they do, I’ll be there to meet them.

But before they do, please go to a Town Hall or go to their offices while they’re still home.

Please click here and I’ll give you further instructions on what to do.

And please forward this email to everyone you know who may be interested in helping!

Thank you!

Fr. Frank Pavone

Father Frank Pavone

National Director

Priests for Life

This is the type of action that Priests for Life can take nationwide as we mobilize our movement. To help make it possible for Priests for Life to conduct campaigns such as this one, please click here and be as generous as you can.

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