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Help Shut Down These
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They’re the last three abortion mills in the
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Once they close, Kansas will be the
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Here’s what YOU can do to help – and why your life-saving action is needed immediately! 

July 27, 2011

Dear Friend of the Unborn,

Right now, you and I have a rare opportunity to deliver a crushing blow to the abortion cartel in the United States.

In fact, it’s a way to legally and peacefully shut down abortion mills from coast to coast.

And, believe it or not, the government is doing the work for us!

Here’s what it’s all about…

Just recently, the State of Kansas (under the leadership of the new pro-life Governor, Sam Brownback) officially enacted new health regulations that require abortion mills to meet the normal standards of safety, cleanliness, and proper emergency procedures. The Kansas authorities were especially concerned about the protection of patients if (as often happens) something goes horribly wrong during an abortion. Other than killing a baby, that is.

Well, when the three remaining abortion mills in Kansas (there used to be 12, by the way) were presented with these new regulations (which, again, are standard regulations for all other surgery centers and medical facilities in the state), one abortionist told the news media…

“We’re Doomed!”

And yes, as a matter of fact, they are.

You see, abortionists and their ilk routinely violate the normal health and safety practices that anyone would expect in a medical/surgical facility.

For instance, they’re often caught using blood-stained, contaminated instruments from prior abortions - not even taking the time or trouble to sterilize their equipment.

Abortionists are known to go from one killing table to the next without scrubbing or sterilizing their hands. They’ve even been known to wear the same gloves from a prior abortion! (We know this from firsthand testimonies given by women who’ve had abortions at these disgusting mills, as well as by nurses and other staff members who blew the whistle on the filthy “doctors” they worked for.)

These baby-butchers sometimes don’t even have the proper equipment (known as an “autoclave” machine) for sterilizing their scalpels, forceps, cannulas, curettage knives, suction tubes, etc.

But now, under the new safety regulations…


They also need to have “hospital privileges” at a nearby emergency room in case the woman’s life is endangered by the all-too-frequent botched abortion.

They’re required to have doors wide enough for an ambulance gurney to get through, as well as big enough operating rooms to allow emergency personnel to properly tend to the patient in distress. (Most of the abortion mills in America cram as many tiny operating rooms as possible into small, crowded, and outdated buildings in order to increase volume and profits.)

Other regulations pertain to the proper disposal of bio-medical hazardous materials such as syringes, bloody gauze or bed sheets, and yes - even the remains of the murdered babies.

To this day, far too many abortion mills carelessly and callously throw all that into regular “dumpsters” in the alley behind the abortion mill. (Operation Rescue recently found this exact violation at a Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Texas!)

Plus, pro-life activists frequently find the dismembered bodies of dead babies in these filthy, maggot-infested trash bins.

I apologize for these disgusting examples. But it gets worse…

Several years ago in Kansas, an abortionist by the name of Krishna Rajanna got turned in to the Health Department by his own staff because he would keep the bodies of dead babies in the staff lunch room refrigerator…

And The Eat Them In His Soup!

I’m not making that up.

His staff, quite literally, couldn’t stomach it anymore, and blew the whistle on him. So he lost his medical license, and he is no longer committing abortions. His “clinic” closed, too.

An isolated incident? A fluke?

Not hardly. Federal investigators discovered that Michigan abortionist Kermit Gosnell was keeping hundreds of dead babies in jars in his office! It was his own little “House of Horror” - and he, too, lost his medical license as a result.

In case after case - from one abortion mill to another - this appalling pattern is repeated over and over again.

For example, our friends at Operation Rescue bought the building that housed one of the now-defunct abortion mills in Kansas. They promptly threw the baby-killer out on his ear. And when they inspected the abortuary where thousands upon thousands of babies had been put to death, they discovered the most disgusting, putrid, unsanitary conditions imaginable.

  • There were blood stains on the walls and on the carpets…
  • There was a sink with a high-powered industrial-strength garbage disposal that had been used as a way to chop up the babies’ bodies and flush them down the drain like leftover cabbage…
  • The stench of blood permeated the air and made everyone sick to their stomach…
  • There were even dead cockroaches lying on the floor in the surgery room!

Operation Rescue sanitized the building and then had an exorcist come in and cast out any remaining demons dwelling therein. It is now OR’s official National Headquarters - a fitting testimony to the power of God’s Life and Truth over Satan’s Death and Deception.

I could on for pages with horror stories from inside America’s killing chambers, but I’m sure you get the point.

Because the abortionists certainly do!

They’re whining and crying that the Kansas regulations are “unfair”… too “burdensome”… and could put them out of business!


It’s about time that a state government stands up to the powerful abortion cartel and their “spin doctors” in the media!

For many years, faithful pro-lifers in Kansas tried desperately to get these “standard operating procedure” regulations enforced at abortion mills.

Laws were passed in the Kansas State Legislature - usually by a large margin - to protect women from unsafe abortionists.

But each time, then-Governor Kathleen Sebelius - a rabid pro-abort, and now Secretary of Health and Human Services for Obama… and (I’m ashamed to say) a Catholic who receives Holy Communion despite her bishop’s orders not to - would VETO the bills that tried to reign in the dangerous abuses that had become so commonplace in Kansas abortion mills. She wouldn’t even allow the Health Department to inspect the abortion mills in Kansas!

Why not? It’s very simple. You see, Kathleen Sebelius got her job as Governor due to extremely large contributions from the late George Tiller of Wichita - the most notorious (and wealthiest) late-term abortionist in America.

Sebelius looked out for her benefactors. She knew who put her in the governor’s mansion. Why, she even held a dinner party there, honoring George Tiller and his staff of highly-paid baby-killers!

Now Sebelius is in Washington, D.C., heading up the Dept. of Health and Human Services - a cruel irony if there ever was one.

But she still wields tremendous power and influence in Kansas, especially among local judges who are almost always seeking to be appointed to a higher office and will do whatever they’re told by the “Power Brokers” like Kathleen Sebelius.

In fact, her own husband - Gary Sebelius - is a Kansas “magistrate” judge who was originally picked to preside over the lawsuit filed by the remaining abortion mills in Kansas to fight the new regulations.

You see, the lawsuit alleges that the health regulations are “unconstitutional” (the Left’s favorite word when they don’t have a leg to stand on). The abortionists also claim that the regulations violate “due process” because their abortion mills were “unprepared” for inspections and the need to comply with these standard safety rules.

Typical. They always run to their lawyers and the courts when their back is up against the wall.

And believe me… it is.

That’s why abortionist Herbert Hodes wasn’t kidding when he exclaimed, “We’re doomed!”

He’s one of the criminals bringing the lawsuit against the State. He runs the Center for Women’s Health with his daughter, Traci Nauser. The other two abortion mills joining the lawsuit are Aid For Women and none other than the infamous Planned Parenthood!

Fortunately, after an outpouring of complaints from the public, Gary Sebelius recused himself from the case because of his blatant conflict of interest.

Now it’s in the hands of Judge Carlos Murguia.

The preliminary hearings already took place, and the abortionists got what they wanted… for now.

They got Judge Murguia to issue a “temporary restraining order” designed to give the abortionists more time to figure out what to do.

But that TRO expires soon, and Judge Murguia will have to decide if the abortion mills should be allowed to operate in violation of the Kansas health regulations.

That’s why I need your help as quickly as possible.

To put it plainly, our goal is to make sure these three remaining Kansas abortion mills DO NOT get permission to continue killing babies.

We need to MAKE SURE the health regulations get applied to these abortionists…

Because They ARE NOT Above The Law!

We can indeed demand that the same rules governing all other medical and surgical facilities in Kansas also get applied to these abortion mills.

We plan to make a lot of noise about this in the media - mainstream and Christian - so that the people can send a powerful message to Judge Murguia.

And the first step in that process is for you to send an e-mail directly to Judge Murguia, urging him to enforce the law - no matter how much the abortionists scream, wail, and gnash their teeth!

We’ve prepared an automatic e-mail for you, so all you have to do is click here, type in your name, and hit “SEND.”

Our goal is to have tens of thousands of e-mails delivered to Judge Murguia in the next few days - because we don’t know when he’s going to make his decision about the restraining order.

That means YOU need to do your part - and get your friends, family, co-workers, and church members to do the same. Just forward this Alert to them!

And while you’re at your keyboard, please take a moment to say a prayer that God’s will be done in this extremely vital fight to shut down abortion mills through legal, peaceful channels.

With God’s grace and blessings, Kansas realistically could become the first state in the Union to have NO abortion mills!

That’s highly significant, because Kansas - especially under the infamous “Reign of Tiller the Killer” - was one of the worst abortion states in the nation.

Now, with only three abortion mills remaining, and none of them able to pass their health inspections - Kansas could quickly become an “Abortion-Free Zone” and serve as a model for what can easily be accomplished all across the country.

The abortionists CAN’T get away with murder anymore! And we have the regulations and the undeniable authority of the State to stop them!

God bless all the pro-lifers in Kansas (especially Troy Newman and his tireless staff at Operation Rescue) who’ve fought so valiantly for many years to make this day happen.

Again, please click here to send your e-mail to Judge Murguia.



Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

P.S.     Just imagine… If more states pass these same (standard) health regulations and enforce them at abortion mills across the country, we could realistically shut down the entire abortion cartel in America in no time.

So please contact Judge Carlos Murguia right now by clicking here to send him an automatic e-mail.

I want to hear abortionist Herbert Hodes say it one more time...


Thank you, and God bless. 


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