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Urge your senators to support Sen. Tommy Tuberville

July 20, 2023

Dear Friends,

The Biden administration has been flagrantly breaking the law since October 2022, when the Department of Defense announced it would pay travel costs and provide time off to women in the military and military dependents - who live in states where laws protect the unborn - to travel to abortion-friendly states to end the lives of their children in the womb.

Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, a Republican, announced six months ago that he would not allow military promotions to be approved until the policy – which violates the Hyde amendment by allowing federal funds to be used on abortion – is rescinded.

He is making the effects of this principled stand felt, as some 250 military officers’ confirmations are being held in abeyance until this is settled.

The abortion-loving media has been all over this story, casting Tuberville in the role of evil disruptor, when in fact he is merely insisting that a federal agency obey federal law. Many reporters say Tuberville “claims” the policy breaks the law but neglect to mention that, in fact, the law IS being broken.

Many of you are veterans or active-duty military, or the parents of those serving our country, and I think I’m correct in assuming you support Tuberville. I’m here today to ask you to tell him so, and to contact both of your U.S. senators to let them know you back his strategy and you expect them to do the same.

If you can, you might also send a message of support to Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, who set pro-aborts off with this assertion that paying to send GIs to abortion-friendly states amounts to “abortion tourism.” Pro-aborts just hate the truth, and that’s exactly what Cotton was speaking; the truth.

We know from the women and men of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and Rachel’s Vineyard, for both of which I serve as Pastoral Director, that abortion can – and so often does – undermine a soldier’s fitness for duty, so what Tuberville is doing is very important.

Can I count on you to contact these senators to let them know how you feel?

Click on this link to let us know that you will help and then you will be taken to a page with a suggested message you can use when contacting them.

Please act today, and please pass along this email to as many others you know who may be interested.

Thank you for being part of the Priests for Life Family!


Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

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