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How to Strike a Major Blow Against Planned Parenthood

Swift Action Urgently Needed to Nail Planned Parenthood on 107 Criminal Charges

Lila RoseAs you'll recall, from my last Alert, Planned Parenthood has been caught red-handed in an undercover "sting" operation by the dynamic young pro-life activist, Lila Rose.  That's just the latest discovery of Planned Parenthood's skullduggery.  They are in deep trouble all around the country, and we need to strike while the iron is hot in order to stop Planned Parenthood --particularly de-funding them.

Lila Rose video-taped a couple going into a Planned Parenthood office to ask about pimping, prostitution, and abortion for under-age girls.

For instance, just recently the Supreme Court in the State of Kansas agreed to let the District Attorney of Johnson County, Kansas, investigate 107 criminal charges that were filed against Planned Parenthood several years ago. These charges languished in the judicial system all these years because Planned Parenthood has powerful friends in high places.

However, the decision by the Kansas Supreme Court has now given new life to these 107 criminal charges -- many of which are very serious felonies. The charges pertain to falsification of medical records and other documents related to abortions that Planned Parenthood abortionists performed illegally on unborn babies who had already reached the point of viability. In Kansas, it's illegal to perform abortions on post-viability babies. But Planned Parenthood fraudulently "doctored" the records so that they could get away with killing late-term babies. Other issues also came into play, but I don't to bog you down with the intricate details. Instead, to get the full story, I invite you to visit the website of our good friends at Operation Rescue:

Right now, however, I urge you to take a moment a send an e-mail to the District Attorney in Johnson County, Kansas. He needs to hear from concerned citizens all around the country who want justice to prevail in this case.

Therefore, we have prepared an e-mail message that you can send the District Attorney at the click of a button.

Why is this so important? To put it simply if these charges go to trial, heads will roll at Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri. Additionally Planned Parenthood will be forced to pay huge fines, and they could also lose millions of dollars a year in federal funding (your tax dollars).

This illegal activity by Planned Parenthood occurs routinely all across the country. Therefore, if we can nail Planned Parenthood in Kansas, we can nail them everywhere.

Planned Parenthood is running scared right now. They are deathly afraid of these 107 charges. They've used up all their political clout -- and the friends they had in high places were recently booted out of office in the last election. They can no longer hide behind their cronies' skirts anymore.
So now is the time to strike, and we need you to join forces with tens of thousands of your fellow pro-lifers around the country -- because it's only through public pressure and outrage that we will finally bring Planned Parenthood to justice. Thank you for taking a moment to send the e-mail to the Johnson County District Attorney, Stephen M. Howe.  Click here for the automated email.

Father Frank Pavone


Please forward this to everyone on your e-mail list -- and encourage them to do the same.

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