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Planned Parenthood Harvests and Sells the Body Parts of Aborted Babies!

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Priests for Life is helping to lead the way in exposing to the public undercover videos showing new evidence that Planned Parenthood harvests and sells the body parts of unborn children (#ppsellsbabyparts). Priests for Life is grateful to our colleagues at the Center for Medical Progress for doing the undercover work that has brought forward this new evidence.

The sale of body parts is against federal and state law.

Priests for Life first came to know of the sale of baby body parts in the late 1990's through our close collaboration with Mark Crutcher and Life Dynamics, which did the undercover work that first exposed this practice.

Join us in the movement to hold Planned Parenthood accountable, to stop the sale of body parts, and to end abortion itself.

Watch the undercover videos below.

Learn more about the work of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives established in October 2015 by H. Res. 461 as a result of these videos.  Read the Panel's interim update published July 14, 2016.

For images of babies alive in the womb as well as killed by abortion, see

Planned Parenthood Medical Director: “Dismemberment” Abortion “Checkbox” Skirts Partial-Birth Law (released July 26, 2017)
Planned Parenthood "Lamborghini" Doc Haggles Again! (Released April 2017)
Planned Parenthood Abortionist: "Pay Attention to Who's In the Room" to Deal With Infants Born Alive  (Released March 2017)
Video released July 14, 2016 - one year after the first video
Full Footage
Full Footage PPFA CW | Full Footage PPCAPS1 | Full Footage PPCAPS2 | Full Footage PPFA VC | Full Footage PPCAPS3 
Fr. Frank Pavone's statement about the video above.
Full Footage PPPS | Full Footage ABR
Fr. Frank Pavone's Statement on this Video
  Full Footage
Fr. Pavone: Video (above) Reveals Live Birth Abortion
Fr. Frank Pavone: New video (above) proof of how abortion dehumanizes clinic workers
Full Footage
Full Footage
Full Footage
Full Footage

 See order forms for baby body parts in PDF format [One] [Two] [Three] [Four]

Fr. Frank comments on the latest evidence of the sale of baby body parts.

In this 2008 video, Fr. Frank discusses order forms that research labs use to ask abortion clinics to send them legs, eyes, and brains of aborted babies.

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