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"Move On to Something Else"

Rev. Frank A. Pavone 

I recently received a letter from someone who told me that rather than doing my pro-life work, I should "move on to something else" because the abortion battle was "lost". Abortion, the writer said, is approved by our government. Here is a portion of my response.

    "Thank you for your letters. I always appreciate the comments of anyone who hears me. You mention that "the point anti-abortion forces fail to realize is that the battle and the war has been lost." This month a mother named Helene enjoyed her daughter Lupita’s first Christmas. Lupita would have been aborted if a few others and I had not been standing at the abortion facility where Helene had her appointment last November. We were offering alternatives. Helene changed her mind, accepted our help, and recently wrote to me saying, "You saved my daughter’s life and mine, too!" Later this month another baby will be born to a woman who, on the night before her scheduled abortion, awoke in the middle of the night, turned on the TV, saw one of my shows, and changed her mind about the abortion. Meanwhile you write to me and say, "Move on to something else." Would you like to say that to me in the presence of these women and their children, or in the presence of the tens of thousands who have been saved thanks to the pro-life movement? If you think the war is lost, you do not understand the nature of this war. The pro-life effort is not simply about the Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court. It is about human beings loving, defending, and helping other human beings that are in danger, in large measure because the government has abandoned them. Now you want me to make the same mistake the government has made. No I will never abandon the children or their mothers and fathers. Victories abound everyday. We are filled with hope. Certain wars, if lost, must be fought again. There can be no greater cause to which I can entrust my life. Why not come and join us?" 

I hope the writer will join us, as so many who are lukewarm or even pro-abortion are doing. Yes, we are winning. Look at the example of Norma McCorvey ("Jane Roe" of Roe vs. Wade). She is doing full-time pro-life work. She opposes abortions, including abortions in the first trimester. (Reports saying she still adheres to "pro-choice" in the first trimester are mistaken.) Norma is a symbol of the fact that the abortion mentality is collapsing under its own weight. We are winning not because we are better than anyone, but simply because we have the truth. Go forward, pro-life movement, with confidence!

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