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Group Says Blacks Targeted For Abortions


April Thompson, Memphis, TN


• Pro-life group claims abortion is plan of genocide
• Alveda King, Dr. Martin Luther King's niece, is a strong advocate of the genocide theory
• Pro-choice group says there are other things killing African American babies
(Memphis 5/24/2010) It's emotional. It's controversial.

The mention of abortion can bring a bitter battle.

Now one side is taking that battle to new heights.

Eighty billboards are already up around Atlanta Georgia, proclaiming black children are an endangered species, because black women get abortions at a rate higher than those of other races.

"African Americans in America are being targeted by Planned Parenthood and other organizations for abortion to lower the population," says Dr. Alveda King. She is the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, the pioneer in the civil rights movement.

Alveda King is leading a movement of her own. She says abortion is a weapon in a conspiracy to kill African Americans.

"We have 12 to 13 percent of the population but 33% of the abortions. The plan of genocide says make it available, make it low cost or no cost, put it right there in their communities and they will come." she says.

Our search of the Center for Disease Control abortion statistics found out of 820, 000 legal abortions reported in the country in 2005, 55% were to white women and 36-percent were to black women.

Compare that to the overall population and Alveda King says it speaks volumes.

A new film called "MAAFA 21" connects abortion to Nazi-style eugenics, weeding out unwanted, poor African Americans.

It says there was an elite class of people behind the push, including Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.

"Dr. Margaret Sanger said colored people are like weeds and they need to be exterminated. So she mounted birth control campaign and a sterilization campaign. Later it became an abortion campaign," says King.

Planned Parenthood of Memphis declined our request for an on camera interview.

In a written statement, a spokesperson said, "The billboard campaign in Atlanta is part of a misinformation campaign run by organizations that just do not trust women to make private personal medical decisions. Margaret Sanger's brief involvement with the eugenics movement was wrong, and those ideas have never been part of the Planned Parenthood mission or services. "

Planned Parenthood says Dr. Martin Luther King supported its work.

The organization even gave Dr. King an award in 1966.

"He was offered that award. He did not attend the ceremony. Dr.King was pro-life. His wife Coretta Scott King was pro-choice. She went on to read the speech prepared by someone other than her husband. So Planned Parenthood tried to associate their work with Martin Luther King Junior," says Alveda King.

There are also strong voices who don't buy the genocide claim.

Sister Song is a group of several grassroots ethnic organizations that are pro-choice advocates.

"If we take the choice away from women, it would go back to the 40s, 50s, and 60s where they go in the back room of quacks and get abortions. Every woman should have a choice," says Doris Bradshaw a Sister Song member who lives in Memphis.

She says it's not abortion that's killing the African American race; it's the environment, with pollution causing more infant deaths that abortion.

She also says "official" statistics on abortion don't tell the whole story.

"People can't afford to go to the private doctor. That's not being recorded. We don't know how other nationalities are being counted. That's something that should be tallied before they start pushing it's only African Americans getting the abortions," says Bradshaw.

So Sister Song is launching its own effort to spread its message of reproductive justice, which counter's Alveda King. 


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